I need to kinow all about farming

Can someone expalin me all about farming legenderys from witch lvl can u start to farm and where and all this ■■■■

You can farm legendaries at any level. Almost all unique enemies can drop a different legendary item.

You can take a look at this post: Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps
It’ll show you where and who can drop what specific legendary.

Hope this helps.

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Farming can be done whenever you want, but remember that enemies, and their loot, don’t scale up alongside you in NVHM and TVHM. After you finish main story in TVHM, all enemies will scale to level 50. In UVHM, they scale to your level.

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thx u very help me

Be sure to mix up your farm routes if you start feeling burnt out. Some enemies are extremely stubborn with their drops like BNK3R or are just a pain to get too like Captain Flynt (his son however is a much easier to get to boss) and will burn you out quicker than other enemies.

Also trying to include multiple runs in one go can break up the monotony. Like for example I am farming the Black Queen for the Nukem (because reasons) while also gutting Gettle on the way for the Lyuda as well as Mobley for the Veruc. Those three are just bonus while I Tubby hunt though.

Keep this in mind. 1 in 30. Normally.
If you’re lucky, you can get a legendary in less kills.

And if you’re unlucky, you’ll go longer. I’ve gone 40+ runs on Knuckledragger, then gotten two hornets back-to-back. Mathematically, you will see even longer dry spells at times. In those circumstances, just go do something else for a bit and come back later.

Or if you are very lucky, on the first attempt!

But if you find your target early, always check their normal spawn point.

I killed knuckledragger in the area before his spawn area and found a Hornet in his usual area.

On TVHM, the Hornet was about level 33, but I used in the Bloodshot Ramparts and Friendship Gulag on about level 42 and it kicked butt.

Simon Burling

I once farmed for and acquired a lvl.7 infinity. On my first try! It was really fun!!