I needs some peacekeepers

Anybody willing to join me and my hubby for one round of Benedict (or peacekeepers) it’s easier on normal but can be done on advanced, we have 4 out of 5 for his lore, we need at least two more players willing to do one round of peacekeepers :pray:

Got ya moved to the PS4 co op category.
Good luck!

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Feel free to add me if still needed. Play/available 330pm to 930pm CST during the week and varied on weekends. Currently have a pool of 13 BB at rank 13-14. PSN ID langfordrocks. Good luck.

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I would like to join too

PSN: AlastorLines

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Can you help me with something I’ve brought up before? No one ever got back to me. I got Orendi to 15 and completed her lore and I don’t have the master title or her skin or her legendary…

I wish i had an instant solution i could give you, but unfortunately i do not.
The best i can do is to suggest that you submit a support ticket here
And let them know you never received those.

Im sorry I can’t do more. Let me know what support says once they get back to ya.