I NEEEEED help. im so bad

Fight pyro pete first time he is invencible no good guns. level 50 comando anyone can join please help. hit me up 360 yearlingsphinx2.

Did you get through your TVHM story to WEP yet? After completing that you can get the mission “Animal Rights” which gives the Tresspasser - a sniper that bypasses shields. You can use that to pop Pete’s helmet off, making the fight a bit quicker. What shock weapons do you have right now?

There are a bunch of different strategies you can use for this guy, but it does take some time to learn and master the details. Not sure if I’ll be on tonight but if I do and I see your GT I’ll give you a shout.

I got the sniper but it does nothing even with the helmet off. and i have the infinity pistol as a shock. but in 30 minutes i took him down by like 25%. So im not doing that good.

The Trespasser is basically to get the helmet off, nothing more. After that, you want to maximise shock damage until the shield is down, while surviving. Do you have a relic to boost shock damage? Any good shock SMGs, plasma casters or shotguns?

The only other shock is a blue rocket launcher. i do have a shock booster also i got him stuck so i lived longer then i should have.

OK, you might want to hold off until you’ve got better shock weapons for striping that shield. It can take a while even in TVHM if you don’t have good gear. Since you don’t have the DLCs, you’ll need something other than everyone’s favourite Pete killer (Sandhawk). Keep your eye out for Tesla, Quasar, or Storm Front grenades. You could try hitting Bone Crusher just outside Fyrestone to see if you can get a shock Bone Shredder. A shock Tediore shotgun wouldn’t go amiss either!

Are you using the kite-around-the-scaffolding, the hide-behind-pillars, the frequent-pipe-valve, or the grenade-jump-upstairs strategy for dealing with his novas?

yes. both

OK. I should be able to get on later tonight, and I’ll have a look around to see what I might have spare then give you a shout. May not be until about 7 pm eastern though.

Thats fine im a nerd so i will be up till midnight