I Never Miss... Really?

This skill… I just find it unreasonable… Bear in mind, I’m not complaining because I suck at Borderlands and cant hit things… I’m now upto redbelly, still using the starting sniper and breezing through on crits.

I’m not upto the level to use it yet but 999 shots in a row? Really? I’ll be struggling to get it upto 50. From what I can see theres no skill to insta boost it to 25 stacks or any ability that saves stacks when you miss (gaige…)

There are two skills that benefit from missing but I don’t see ether of them stopping you from losing every stack with one shot. Also lag will make this virtually unusable for me…

Am I missing something here?
Also I really wanna see a screen cap of 999 stacks

Try looking up “A Dangerous Method” on the BL2 forums. It was a strategy used by sniper Zero players that used a low level Vladof Droog to stack hundreds of critical hits, and then reap the benefits of increased base and critical hit damage with his “Critical Ascension” skill.

You don’t really even need any more than 50stacks for most of the game anyway.

I should be more specific, I’m mostly talking about general play, buffing up with this skill then taking on a boss is a bit different. I don’t want to have to spend an arbitrary amount of time shooting something in the face to get my bonus that I can lose just by putting the controller down (ps3 triggers are very sensitive) with no way to save the stacks at all (discord) not to mention all the flying, jumping enemy’s as well as how much you get knocked around in this game due to low gravity. Its extremely easy to miss one shot for whatever reason and I do not want to pull out a crud sniper and repeatedly shoot something everytime I miss…

Atleast with Tim’s money is power it requires you to actually buy something to lose all the bonus’s and it only requires one point to be fully effective

Just don’t worry about it, its not really a skill designed around getting a super high stack count.

At just 10 stacks its already giving a 35% crit bonus, which is pretty nice.

Don’t look at it like Anarchy because its not. To be honest almost no one will get it up to 999 and when they do the game will be broken.

Gaige only really had anarchy as a damage boost, Lady Hammerlock has tons. Look at this more like Money is Power, not something you rely on but something extra. This way instead of trying to get to 999 stacks, each stack is a help.

3.5% per stack is pretty big
10 stacks = 35% crit boost
50 stacks = 175% crit boost
100 stacks = 350% crit boost.

Do you realize how big 350% critical hit boost is??? Thats massive.

That means…

200 stacks = 700% crit boost
500 stacks = 1750% crit boost
999 stacks = 3497% crit boost

Remember how good the lady fist was with 800% critical hit boost and that tiny little base damage. Any non Jakobs sniper has 100% so at 200 stacks any sniper is now a super lady fist because the base damage isn’t tiny.


Zomfg I just thought about a baroness with a cryo ladyfist…

My mind cant quite grasp how awesome that would be…

Alright ive been convinced. I guess I was thinking of it too much like Anarchy.

I probably should’ve waited till I can try it out before commenting on it. I didn’t do the math on it but holy hell that is way more of a crit bonus than I expected.

Now that I think about it, this skill could be an argument to not put a test dummy in the game, atleast not the same way it was in BL2…

I Never Miss only affects sniper rifles.

True, but you still have Markswoman, Culling the Herd, and tons of other synergies with cryo that would make it very fun to watch.

And since it only affects Sniper Rifles, I Never Miss is forcing you down the opposite playstyle path as Warning Shot. For the latter, you are going to almost constantly have your sniper out or be switching to/from it to get the Warning Shot bonus. With I Never Miss, you should be using your sniper rifle only when you have sure shots…on stable footing, not being attacked and with enemies you can see that can’t see you…like a real sniper…one that doesn’t miss.

If you like hip firing a sniper rifle or using it most of the time, I’d say I Never Miss is not really the skill for you. Don’t take your current playstyle and try to shoe-horn the new skills into it; be like water my friend, allow the skills you choose to guide your playstyle to best advantage.

I do agree that the skill has a very harsh penalty for a single missed shot and in that way sounds like it could be a recipe for frustration - if you don’t let it flow.

So a couple things to notice:

a) hitting anyone with a sniper = +1
b) hitting critical spots with a sniper = +2
c) missing with a sniper = lose all stacks
d) missing with other guns = dont lose any stacks
e) stacks dont drain over time (unlike Zero’s critical ascension)

So I picture myself playing it safe and using other guns a lot while slowly building my sniper stacks. I’ll gladly hit the body instead of the head while I’m still trying to earn stacks. Money is power is a little easier to build massive stacks with. I got that to 400 in a NVHM speedrun attempt. Anarchy felt worthless to me because I reloading happens accidentally too often on consoles (I should try it again with discord though).

And likely NO claptraps in the party, unless clappy is told explicitly that you dont have your sniper equipped at that moment, but I think it’s likely too risky. There are at least 3 of his vaulthunter packages that could seriously screw up your shot (bouncy, funzerker, mechro).

I second this, It’s worth to note than you don’t have to use your sniper rifle on every enemy, play through the game with any other weapon type and switch to your sniper rifle when it’s an enemy you know you can hit a critical on.

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An enemy you know you can hit 99% guaranteed. Crit or not.

Also, it’s worth testing on the sentinel (large form) whether hits to the body are considered misses or hits. Obviously it would be best to test this when your stacks are already low.

Has anyone tried doing the max stacking with Wait for It…? It looks feasible, but time consuming if you have that mod that regen’s sniper ammo… You’d only get one massively damaging shot, but hooo boy… if it hits!

I think mathematically speaking, hitting something 10 times is better than missing 10 times for 75% more damage.

I plan on putting 2 points in each for my planned build idea. that way if I miss or if I hit… I still get something.

I think warning shot is better than wait for it, but that’s just my opinion.

This. IMO this skill isn’t worth even one point on a standard sniper build.

Btw, if you use multi projectile snipers like the Skull smasher or the pitch fork, even if one of those projectiles miss, you lose your stacks. In that case, you’re better off with the “miss skills” like warning shot and wait for it.
If you wanna stack I never miss, you’d better off with maliwan and purple jakobs snipers.

This skill is basically Aether Seraph’s BL2 CA stacking methodology (‘A Dangerous Method’), except taken to OP Level 9000+. It’ going to break the game for those that put enough effort into it. I predict future nerf on max stacks, or decay over time.