I Never Miss. Unless my enemies' heads disappear

I’ve been playing as Aurelia With The Huntress tree maxed (except for Warning Shot, Wait For It, and Prudent Prudence) and Bitter Riposte, which is, frankly, amazing. The problem, however, is that with certain enemies, specifically anything with space herp and most torks, if they get hit by bitter riposte and frozen, their crit spots completely disappear. It’s rather disconcerting when you have a perfectly motionless Infected Hyperion Worker who’s already missing his helmet and shoot him in the head at point blank range with an extremely accurate sniper, and it goes straight through like there’s nothing there. That by itself sucks, but it’s made significantly worse by the fact that “misses” like that frequently cause me to lose 80+ stacks of I never miss. I’ve actually started to purposefully avoid headshotting them. It makes me sad.
Also rather irritating is that if at any point during “Fight For Your Life” I use a sniper, regardless of whether or not I actually shoot it, I instantly lose all stacks of "I Never Miss.
Seriously, guys, What?