I no longer believe the PC version can be salvaged

There’s a certain player that’s played since launch on PC. He shall remain nameless.

Around launch, multiple players observed him clearly aimbotting with Marquis, OM, and WF. He was reported. Nothing happened.

A few times, I was matched on the same team as him. Unsurprisingly, he had a vulgar, abusive attitude towards his teammates, constantly judging of the skill levels of others, and bullying support players – dictating when, how, and where they should act. He obsessively taunted after every KO, even if it meant he would die in the middle of combat. Despite his aggression, we would usually lose the match, because his obsession with KOs also led to a bunch of senseless deaths. He was reported. Nothing happened.

His next act was to impersonate a developer, by putting [gbx] in his name, and changing his avatar to resemble the one developers use. He was reported. Nothing happened.

In my last encounter with this player, he was wearing the “Angel of Death” title. He picked Montana, I picked Pendles. From the start of the match, he was flagrantly tracking me when I was cloaked. When I moved to an unoccupied part of the map, I watched him repeatedly break away from his team on the minimap, and make a solo sprint to my area of the map. The second he had a clear shot, he would immediately snap his view to my player position, stun me with a dash, and quickly kill me at close range. Every time I died, it was in this manner.

I reported him. Nothing is going to happen.

He’s the tip of the iceberg. I’ve come across dozens of other players with attitudes and behavior that poisons the sad, tiny player base on PC. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times it’s subtle, but the one thing they all have in common is selfishness, entitlement, and a complete willingness to use every exploit at their disposal to win. Their enjoyment comes at the expense of others, and it shows in everything they say and do in the game.

It feels like nothing has really been done to combat or even acknowledge this tidal wave of failure. One can only guess why – publisher/developer bureaucracy, general unpreparedness, difficulty identifying the problem or implementing a solution, a lack of resources, a shift in priorities away from the PC version or Battleborn in general, or a combination of these factors. Who knows.

The causes don’t really matter at this point. It’s the effect that stings – the pool has become fouled, to the point that you’ll get sick just from swimming in it. Cleaning it seems impossible. I feel like a colossal idiot for sticking around as long as I have, clinging to my nostalgia from beta and the first few weeks after launch, hoping for some sort of impossible fix, for a return to something worthwhile.

This is the first time I’ve been seriously let down by a title with Gearbox’s name on it. I’ll never be a member of the psychotic Gearbox/Pitchford hate brigade, but a large amount of trust has been lost.


PvE may be saved, depending on how good the quality of the DLCs are.

As for the PvP… this problems seems to be deeper than it sounds. And this is adding to other existing concerns already.


I play on PC too, you mentioned a lot here and totally agree that some people may act like jerks but that can be found everywhere. I just jumped on OW the other day and got called names because I got play of the game. Another day I jumped on Rocket League and teammates were cursing each other out left and right. Pug-ing up is fun but maybe I suggest to add some people you recognize a lot and play with them so you don’t have to play with the toxic people?

It’s not really hard to track a Pendles… I chase them around the maps too sometimes… After playing the game a lot it’s pretty obvious where they will go. I played with many people with on point shooting but you can tell they aren’t hacking, just really good.

I played with someone that had GBX on their name too and I thought they were a dev… Roid? Or something… Think I met too… & ofcourse I won the match but yea… But what you were describing it just sounds like they know the game and really good.

Also there is also a BB discord so you can join others :slight_smile:


As far as it seems Xbox one has a lot more players than PC. On Xbox one the queue times aren’t long at all for any queue except capture which usually takes like 4 mins to get a match in.
But back on topic yeah from the looks of it PC is f*cked it would have to be a miracle to save the PC version. But there’s one thing that everyone needs to realize.
This isn’t entirely gearboxes fault. And here’s why.

  1. 2k did a piss poor job of advertising the game
  2. Overwatch was made by marketing gods and everyone didn’t do any research and immediately started sh*tting on battleborn and comparing it to overwatch

Humble Bundle was probably the best bet, coinciding with Lootpocalypse, which was extended for another week.

But due to lingering issues of the game in PvP and how certain graphic cards were screwed with poor performance, any hope of sustaining a player base was greatly diminished.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot.

Sure, the two points of advertising and Overwatch are valid, but no one is going to keep playing your game if it runs like absolute crap on a computer that meets the spec requirements. Your house isn’t going to sustain itself if the foundation built upon it are as frail as a wet noodle.

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Please believe me, this isn’t that. I’ve been paying first person shooter games for decades, and I’ve seen many different cheats, not only on the receiving end, but watching over the shoulder of ex-friends who decided to sacrifice their integrity for the sake of winning. I know the difference.

One of the common tells is when there is precise, inhuman consistency in repetitive actions, especially ones that do not match with the rest of the player’s skill set. Another is dying to the same attacks in the same order every time, even when surrounding combat situations or map positions are different. That’s exactly what went on in this match.

When I do play (which is less and less, nowadays), I almost always play with friends. Among my group of Battleborn friends, not only have most of us witnessed this player blatantly use an aimbot and a wallhack, there was one time he actually bragged about it over voice chat. I wish I had a game DVR running when he did.


Ugh, sorry to hear about that guy, I hate those abusive players and I hate hackers even more.

I wouldn’t say the community is in too bad shape though. I play every night and I’ve met mostly polite, legitimate players. The main problem I’ve had is with rage quitters, other than that it’s ok.


It’s always going to be easier to “hack” on PC (if you can call using a precompiled program written by someone else “hacking”).

However, implementing anti-cheat software is very easy to do, and there are companies who maintain said software so that the game’s developers do not have to. I highly recommend “EasyAntiCheat” - I’ve only seen it implemented well.

For example, a game called Robocraft has a VERY bad hacker problem, but I did not seen a SINGLE one ever again after they implemented EasyAntiCheat.

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The impunity is what saddens me most. Abusers and hackers do happen because it is a part of human nature, but when they are able to do it over and over without any consequences - it’s inexcusable.


I’d be really curious if anyone has been banned at all on PC. I know the user the OP speaks of (most do), and I’m really curious how the “Report” button has been working… is there any way for us to even know it’s being received?

Even more, so GBX gets all these claims on certain users… how do they determine to take action? Do suspect cheaters need 100 reports to be investigated?

If there’s no proof other than consensus in the community, then this user must have been reported enough on PC (newbies to vets know of his toxic behavior & obvious aimbot toggle) to warrant something.

It’s rough enough with the dwindling PC population; this is a plague on our last sliver of hope, and honestly more than balancing or content, I would think cheaters deserve priority attention.


What is there to be salvaged?.. It’s turned into a wasteland.


…Totally agree and some of the Discord peeps and I last night playing PvP ran into a Ben we reported who did this same thing, even more, in two separate matches.

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Someone mind PMing me this cheaters steam name? I’ve bumped into nearly everyone who’s left on PC and would like to keep an eye out for cheaters. There’s a few users I’m suspicious of as it is.

No faith in this reporting system at all however.

…Agree. Even Steam isn’t doing anything about the people doing the bogus achievements thing.
You can tell they are cheating btw, all of their Steam achievements will be the same date/time.

The interesting thing about this story is that it isn’t just a PC problem. Yes, there are very few players left and some are really bad. I’m on X1 and have at this point completely lost faith in the game. At this point, there are far more toxic players in the game than good. I’ve been playing online games since online was even a thing (all the way back to doom death match on PC). Never in that time have I received so much hate mail from jerkoffs via Xbox message. It’s pretty amazing. The messages very from (stop killing everyone) to (stop sucking so much).

You get in a game and are losing then all of a sudden someone sends out a forfeit request. When nobody approves it they drop. Then they send out messages to everyone like an angry child telling them how much they suck. Thus, leaving everyone else to suffer in the match because they are down a person. The other day my game booted me out of a match. Before I had a chance to get back in I had already gotten an angry message saying I was being reported for quitting. I told him I got booted and I was trying to get back in and it didn’t matter to this tool.

I’m just tired of these guys. None of them are any good, but complain about how bad other people are. I have no idea why the volume of mentals in this game is so high compared to others. It just doesn’t make sense to me. These morons are driving the rest of us out. Maybe that’s what they want. They can play in a game with all 3 of their friends. They can have it. I’ll be done with this game as soon as titanfall comes out…maybe sooner.


On pc we have one guy, who always quits before he gets killed and then rejoins the game immediately (and he always spams his mic with some robotic sounds - mute button helps a lot here). Many players know him and when they see him on their team - they just quit the matchmaking, because they don’t want to play with him. Most of us have reported him for cheating/exploiting and he is still playing every single day like nothing has happened.

I wonder, why there is a report button when it actually does nothing?


This is starting to look like, “Remaining survivors of the PC base: please add each other as friends on Steam so you guys can consistently run 5 man PvP and PvE missions together.”


Even me?

Please don’t’ go :sob:

I’m sticking around until the very end. I’m hoping that will be a long time from now.

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