I only have one problem with slaughter star

and that is some maliwan guy get stuck in the wall somewhere every time I try it



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Only glitches I ever saw in slaughter star was the quest NPC somehow entering the arena where it would start fighting the enemies and waves advancing before everything was killed.

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I call him Darth Nader. You have to nade spam beam nades at the one in the wall. What I do, save all my nades for the guy. If you run out, loot all the boxes, nade spam again. If he not dead you need a new nade mod and kill yourself Jack style by jumping into the abyss.

Only solution I have :frowning:

sometimes you can pull enemies out of the walls by using something like a quasar. Might be a good idea to always carry a deathgrip or horizon in order to produce singularities without grenades.

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I have been doing it the hard way I guess lol. Dang Darth Nader!

singularity nades work too but only big AoE ones