I only just found out about the Lascaux now

Lol @ me

I’ve been playing this game for like 5 years and I only just found out about this SMG now
it’s just my type of weapon too

haha :smirk:


I’d ask you HOW THE HELL DIDN’T YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!?!?!? but to be fair there’s stuff i’m still finding too so I understand :slight_smile:


I was playing with Tokesy the other night, and we each learned some new things from the other. Craaaaazy.


Well, it’s nice to find something that’s right up your alley after 5 years. Enjoy!


It took me close to a year to find Lynchwood.



I’ve been playing since xbone release and still just now finding out how huge this community still is. Still trying to get my first terramorphious kill lol. Great game!


Yeh. I don’t know where exactly I learnt of it, some forum or YouTube video.

But it inspired me to go back to Salvador (who actually I think is the worst VH of the original 4), as I just happened to be at Firehawk level (TVHM), so I got 2 of them for gunzerking! They worked great, at last I could experience gunzerking with potency! I mowed down a lot of fools using them, and used them for 2 whole levels.

Not to derail too much, but I’m curious why you think so, legitimately. I’m curious because based on how you worded your post, it doesn’t seem to be the classic “he’s too overpowered/brain dead” argument.

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I’ll second that sentiment; for me, it’s because Gunzerking just isn’t that entertaining for me for my personal quirks of enjoyment (and I say that having dragged Salvador to OP8). I wouldn’t want Gearbox to have skipped him in this game, and if they’re going to bring these Vault Hunters to BL3, I wouldn’t want him omitted because I don’t like him… he’s just not my cup of tea.

I really not sure why ppl say this, probably they are talking about him post level 40 and with specific gear.

What I will say is pre-level 40 actually to me he could be the weakest VH. If you come up against strong enemy Sal is the only one who will eat damage, all other VH (maybe not Krieg either) has action skill to stop attack or divert agro attack.

I died A LOT with Sal, more than with the other VHs also he was the only one I couldn’t even do TVHM Finks Slaughterhouse Round 1 at level 38.


Well if you ever feel like it, there are a lot of good resources on these forums to help remedy that if you want. Sal was my first character because a certain Youtuber said he was “the best” vault hunter, but I had a bad time and basically only used his AS to regen ammo.

He is probably the weakest character in the early game, since he’s designed around having good gear, and his AS is literally “moar gun”. But now that I’m as knowledgeable as I am about him, I’d be more than comfortable with getting through his early game easily. And by level 30 he’s already doing really good, and by 46 he’s unstoppable.

If you ever want advice feel free to ask or look around the Sal subsection on the forums.

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I mean drop rates can be weird like that. I only know of many legs And rarea bc of online guides that I read to see what bosses to farm what. Some I wasted time farming who didn’t drop anything good before I did so it’s a great time saver.