I owe the forums an apology, but I'll still complain about something

Back around the release of this game I was speaking about characters who were just horrible and I started speaking about Deande and just how bad she is. I felt she didn’t do enough damage and her role could easily be filled by other characters with no problem and unless you had her uppercut loop you were pretty much useless.

Well I decided to pick her back up and realized I was wrong…for the most part. With the right setup she has by far the fastest garunteed burst on the game outside of Ults, well befitting for an assassin. I could give the way to get it but it’s my little secret in that case unless you are one of the few Deande’s that know about it (they are out there as I’ve had it done to me once). I will however give a sort of hint. She can pull off 1,300+ damage in 0.75 seconds.

But there’s something that still makes her sort of lack luster, HER MOVEMENT SPEED! WHY IS THIS ASSASSIN SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW?! I was doing dash speed testing and her dash/movement speed is that of Alani’s, making her the only attacker in the game that’s slower than support classes! Even her armor description say’s she’s built for speed and agility, but I don’t see her move fast anywhere. I end up sacrificing damage chances for movement speed, just so I can better equip my team.

So forums I apologize, Deande’s alot better than what I thought, her movement speed really makes her still lower B tier, but not C- like I felt she was.

Whiskey Foxtrot is still the worse character in the game.

This right here

LOL what is it with people saying he’s the worst?

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My “Master” title with Whiskey says otherwise.


In 200+ hours of PvP, not once have I played against a Whiskey Foxtrot that needed to be countered or paid attention to. He’s always been an easy kill any time I see him, no matter who I’m playing. (I play about 18/26 characters) Attikus and Deande have never dominated either from what I’ve seen but at least they’ve had an impact more than Foxtrot.

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That just means you’ve played him a lot (especially in PvP), not that he’s a good character. Master of Alani and Master of Galilea are reasonably rare titles because the Ambra kills are annoying as hell, but that’s not evidence of them being terrible characters.

As a master of Deande, and a prominent Deande player, I most certainly know of what you speak. It’s no secret anymore lol… >.<

Ive gone 18-0 with him. I would think that should have raised some flags on the other team?

Whiskey foxtrot is one of my favorite characters my only problem with him was his scrap cannon and that’s getting more utility

I’ve gone 21-1 with Reyna, it just really means you’re getting a final hit with him. Also, if you are able to cause problems with him in PvP, you’d be able to do the same with little trouble with any other characters.

im still not sure about that. I’ve taken people all the way down many a times sir.

And I’m sure people have done the same with Miko. Doesn’t mean that she’s a DPS powerhouse. A skilled player or an incompetent target can drastically influence perception of a character’s effectiveness.

Personally, I haven’t really run with Whiskey all that much so I’ve got no opinion one way or the other.

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The name kinda tells you, haha. It’s called a Burst Dash for a reason. How strong do you think she’ll be with the new skill damage buff and wound?

Even so, I attribute that more towards a skill gap than WF, but to each their own. I do hope that Foxtrot does get changed further, because I’d love to play him although right now he’s just not all that fun in my opinion when I feel so team reliant.

OP is right. It’s just her speed that’s a an issue. It makes Escape Plan a must and is confusing for an agile character. Otherwise she’s fine. Good news though. They buffed Alani’s speed, so hopefully Deande’s too.

He really is a good character. He’s been buffed about 4-5 times and for some reason people keep asking for more. He’s already OP as it is and people just don’t know how to play as him. I have the master of title for him and tend to dominate as him around lv 5. His slow,mirv,regen and napalm make him a killer machine along with his legendary.

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I keep hearing you say this, and while I know Gearbox does do stealth adjustments from time to time, it seems odd that out of all the characters, only Whiskey has been exclusively stealth buffed multiple times.

So, what I’m saying is, do you have any actual evidence showing he was buffed?

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It’s just because he’s the worst is all.

Are you sure .75 seconds because without a full tag on her ulti its impossible.

Even if you were to hit a Holotwin + 25% amp + Ground burst + that 23% amp you could not hit 1300.

You literally have to go Ground burst + 23% amp + Holotwin + 25% amp + Ulti and the ultimate is a 2 second channel. That would get you 1300 easy but its a little harder to pull off than it is to easily just walk out of range of the combo. This is 300 + 296 + 1110 = 1706ish area a little less at lvl 7. Even then you are relying on Holotwin actually blowing up on someone. While I admit you can actually burst someone for a massive amount, you cannot do it in .75 seconds. Especially with the skill lockout.

LOL that’s what I keep hearing. I don’t see it, but oh well.