I own season pass but it's asking me to pay for dlc

So I own the season pass as I have the super deluxe addition, but when I go to play dlc 3 & 4 It says I need to buy them. I’ve checked for updates to the ps4 and on the game itself and Im up to date.

I don’t know how to get hold of these dlc at all without paying for them which I don’t want to do as I own the pass.

All help is appreciated.

What happens when you try buy it in PSS? It should change to Download.
You can try that on PC, here is link to DLC3 https://store.playstation.com/en-pl/product/EP1001-CUSA08025_00-00000OAKSIEEDLC3 and here to DLC4 https://store.playstation.com/en-pl/product/EP1001-CUSA08025_00-00000OAKSIEEDLC4

Settings > Account Management > Restore licences.

Next, go back to dashboard and highlight borderlands. Press down to show more and scroll down to playstation store tab. There you’ll see “your Add-Ons”, open it and download whatever DLC in the list that isn’t “installed”.

Perfect. Idk why it wouldn’t let me do it from the ps4 but it worked this way. Thanks alot

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