I painted Claptrap for my boyfriend, What do you guys think?

I had a lot of spare time on my hands this past summer and I decided to paint him Claptrap. He is a die hard Borderlands fan but I am a newbie. Pardon me if I don’t know much. I had previously posted this on reddit and a user suggested I post this here. They said you guys would really enjoy it. Being a young artist, I’d love to know what you guys think!


Needs more wub-wub. Otherwise, I like it!

Its quiet badass!^^ His arm looks a bit short though, maybe just a thing of perspective.

I like it! Good job! :smile:

Nice work.

Yea, this is awesome. I think I saw it on Reddit, yea?

Yes! :blush:

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1 badass claptrap. I love it how you also catched the “borderlands-style” of it. It looks so much like the ones in the game!