I plan on using my first 15 skill points like this

doing this


and only then going further down middle path (not right)

good idea isn’t it? Axton is the all-round badass

NVHM is fairly forgiving, so I shouldn’t be too worried about experimenting with your points in the beginning.

That said, I’d agree with Preparation. I always like Health Regen on my characters. But I wouldn’t go for Healthy, myself. In NVHM particularly you shouldn’t really need it. I’d rather put points in something that improves Reload speed, like either Pressure or Ready (which leads onto Willing, great for Shield recharge delay). I don’t think you need Impact that much in NVHM, either, for the same reason. But that’s just me. There are lots of different ways to play Axton as he’s so versatile, so depends what you are going for. It’s been a while since I played him so I’m probably a bit rusty!

Healthy is a waste of 5 points early on. Move them to Metal Storm, move one point out of Preparation and get Longbow Turret. That’s what i’d do.

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hmm I’m not really into kill skills though

I usually put 1 point across the board, then start filling in. I’d agree with the others that you don’t need a full 5 points in Healthy at this early stage. I usually go with a couple points in Healthy and Prepartion, but get more turret up.

If you’re not intending to use the turret much, then you should definitely get Metal Storm: it’s very good. I don’t think about it much when playing; it just kicks in and stuff dies fast. If you are going to use the turret, skip Laser Sight. You’ll absolutely want MS if you continue beyond NVHM.


As far as Healthy stands, I agree with everyone here. It really isn’t needed now. In fact and it’s only my preference, I believe Healthy is only useful for very particular builds and/or in the OP levels. Prep on the other hand is a winner every time

Axton is a tacticians dream, so obviously you have to put the work in. Having to stay two to three steps ahead of the game at all times is par for the course here. And as such your rewarded with some of the very best kill skills and game-changers available!

Basically your kill skills and turret play are your bread & butter in solo game, so embrace them my friend. You’ll soon be blowing the absolute crap out of everything and everyone in a few simple but hard earned and well executed moves!

Heads up: don’t let the ease of NVHM fool you!

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I would get Impact, Metal Storm and Ready. After, go for Sentry, Longbow and Scorched Earth.
If you really needs health regen, then get Preparation before.
There is a beginner guide around this section, I recommend the read for some insight. :wink:

no Healthy? Aww but I like playing as Tank like guy

Go for it if you like!
But even so, Axton is a much better shield than health tank so I would go with Preparation and Willing.
You gonna miss a lot of his damage, thou.

you guys are probably right

I’ll wait on the healthy till TVHM probably

Im not sure how much attention you were paying to your health while playing, but shields are pretty much your survival, at least for axton (yes there are some health stacking builds, but not for general use)
If you wanna play axton should probably look up Demonite on youtube, pretty sure he has a lot of content that will interest you including a guide on leveling through the game :slight_smile:

I honestly prefer health regen builds

I like a nice Anshin health buffing shield with quick shield delay charge, or alternatively an offensive burst shield

just like the shield recharges, I like the health bar to recharge well also so I don’t have to rely on looking for pink syringes or transfusion grenades

Healthy has literally nothing to do with your health getting back up. It just gives you more of it.
Also, the faster you kill the faster you get rid of the stuff trying to dmg you making your survival better… Just sayin.
If you wanted health regen should put those 15 points into guerilla. Scorched earth does wonders in NVHM and able is the regen you are looking for.

You are in NVHM. I say put those 15 where ever you want. Enjoy the game and have fun killing stuff.

When you progress on to TVHM, you might need to revisit your skill distribution. You’ll also run across new gear which could change things for you. A really nice COM could appear, and now you’re changing your build to spec around your COM. So, in NVHM, spec how you want and have fun.

A bad build isn’t a bad build in NVHM. Your build will eventually be exposed when you hit some real difficulty in the higher play through’s. :wink: And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in a negative way. it is just the progression you’ll end up going through, if you choose to keep going. This process will force you to learn your character skills and synergies.

Or post your questions and get awesome help from the great members you have to pull from in here. :wink:


Kurt is on the money.



well it means the % is a bigger chunk that regens from Prep i.e. more regen

Never understood that logic, you do understand that its only there when your shields are up, meaning the fight is over and you survived. So theres probably loads of health vials on the floor anyway.
It doesn’t actually add to your tank build, since tanks want sustain during the battle itself.
I mean, i really dont want to come off as offensive, but just rethink this :slight_smile:

I understand that. But I like to play the game quickly that means running quickly through a level from battle to battle. Sometimes my health hasn’t even fully recovered before the next battle. Sometimes I don’t even bother to check properly for loot and stuff.

In Normal mode and even TVHM and UVHM I think Healthy is fine…at 60% at 10 points it’s a solid amount of health. Shields become superior to health in OP8 because of scaling that causes your shield to be way bigger than your health.

@IceCat763 having just read all this, I know it was a while ago, i’d be interested to see your 72 build now?