I plan on using my first 15 skill points like this

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hey man

so yeh I still not made it to Level 72, with any character actually

but yeh I did agree with guys saying Healthy was not necessarily needed in the end
and at Lvl 33 he was http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#00000000005401410415102000000000

at Lvl 47 he looked like this: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#05030000005401410415105300000000

And at Lvl 50 re-specced for UVHM he looked like: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#05050100005311512115105300000000

after that the points would be put into the able skill and probably a point into Onslaught for good use of skill buff with Assault Rifle mod

going further I still to this day am undecided if I would go down for Double Up or Down otherside for Gemini
I used to think Double Up side but been changing my mind and recently been thinking more Gemini side

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That’s cool. I just wondered, I recently got an Axton to 72 (and then OP8) and I was just curious what you were using :slight_smile: Healthy is worth a point for the COM boost, in my opinion.

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I have either Double-Up with Gemini or Double Up with Nuke, because slagged enemies go down faster so it’s easier for me to work with the turret without accidentally slagging it myself (Magic Missile splash is a pain sometimes!)

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btw it must be noted I was never able to find a Legendary Soldier mod, I was using a variety of different mods throughout the playthrough

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That’s a bit unlucky. If you’re on XB1 I think I have a couple of spares at different levels.

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Hey man, I am on xb1 actually. What levels have you got spares?

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I should have a spare level 70, and possibly some of the other Axton legendaries in the range 69-72. I’ll be on some time this evening, likely between 7 and 9 eastern,

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70?? Too much for me, I’m only like level 58 or something lol

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Ah, OK - I might have something in the 50’s range. I’ll check when I get home. Is your GT the same as your forum name?

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Slightly different, it’s IceCat387

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hey I wanna say a big thank you to VaultHunter101 who gave me his Lvl.50 Legendary Soldier mod (or as I call it, Best Mod In The Game)! I’m sure I’ll be using and having fun with this baby :grin:

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That interaction is MUCH more relevant to Able than to Preparation (idk why everyone loves Preparation so much, but doesn’t seem to value Able, when Able is the skill that will actually pull you through close fights and keep you on your feet in combat). Like both skills are useful and all, but I personally value Able more (legit only reason I could do all the raids as part of my NVHM playthrough was cause of that skill).