I play fine on 441.20 & Window build 1909 and New patch . ^~^ /

I play on 60fps @4K Ultra max setting. Except 2 buttom option is I set off :0
its huge performance gain . I can feel it . and its smotth . even SLI still offline :>
and image sharpen on Nvidia control panel make its feel like its Antialise.
there is no jawfish . and When I off all in game Antialise. a picture is complete crystal clear :>

oh yes I play on mayhem 3 slaughter shaft on pandora. its light and sound ever stage as always :>
and I am explosive user all if my gun is explosive gun except assult gun is mini gun :> meow

I just here to report about it. but I wont try on 441.28 studio driver couz my adiviser said.
its not for a game :open_mouth: