I Played BORDERLANDS 2 Last Night

I decided to load up BL2 last night and played for about an hour, and all I can say is :open_mouth:

I know I take Borderlands 3 to task in these forums because of the nerfs, but sheesh, the quality of the drop rates is infinitely better than Borderlands 2 ever was. Borderlands 2 is well known for being stingy with it’s loot, but seeing only whites and the occasional greens in vendors or enemy drops, after about 2 hours of mucking around, really made me appreciate just how generous and awesome BL3 is when it comes to the quality of the loot drops…And I’m even talking about AFTER the nerfs, it’s still damn good

Sometimes we let the negative things we’re finding about BL3 overshadow all the fantastic things we can admire about this game, and I’m just as guilty as the next person.

Honestly peeps next time you (me included!), feel angry about something in BL3, go play a bit of Borderlands 2, and see the contrast. We really are spoilt in regards to gun play, amazing loot, variety of enemies, much larger world to explore etc

Now if they could only fix the menu lag, give us 500 storage in the bank, skippable cut scenes, then they would have nailed this awesome game!


Except for the fact that BL2’s drop chance is based on Legendaries being the best tier equipment. BL3 has ANOINTED legendaries to consider. When you can get an anointed gun that adds 50% extra damage as a powerful element every 20 seconds it makes regular legendaries essentially the 2nd best tier. They become the equivalent of “purple quality” items when compared to BL2.

Anointed legendaries are ridiculously rare in my experience. I’ve been playing since release (with a full week off to play) and I’ve found a total of 3 anointed legendaries all of which were on guns whose legendary effects were nigh useless.

Essentially, the loot chances are less/equal because of the new “item tier” (aka: anointed effects), possible anointed effects being useful, AND beneficial anointed effects being on a useful piece of gear.

I appreciate and applaud your attempts at positivity. Calypsos know we need it here on the forums. However, we need to address the elephant in the room and comparing regular legendary drop rates to previous installments isn’t an accurate comparison.


Let’s ignore Legendaries and Anointed gear for a moment, I’m still finding the loot quality a million times better with BL3 than the atrocious stingy system operating in BL2…I can open up any chest, any vendor, or kill any enemy in BL3 and I can almost guarantee that I’ll find way better tier quality, I’m talking about very high grade greens, Blues and heaps of purples ALL THE TIME

Yup the devs did an amazing job this time around with the quality of the loot, and what makes it even better is that the stupid scaling system that was in effect in Borderlands 2, is NOT in this game so I can use any weapon and it will be effective and last many levels throughout the game, whereas you better get an on level weapon, especially in UVHM in BL2 or you’re screwed


I find more anointed legendaries from just playing than BL2 legendaries.


Yup same with me…In fact It’s a hell of a lot more

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Thanks for being one of those guys , that actually is revisiting to realise the droprate of this game is much more forgiving <3


You must be extremely lucky because on a regular boss farm I get maybe 1 purple, 2 blues, and a sea of green and white. That isn’t sarcasm. I will admit to being notoriously unlucky.

I will admit that I do appreciate the fact that items scale more like they do in BL1 than they do in BL2. I’m literally still using the same lvl16 purple class mod for Moze and I’m level 34 now.


Honestly It’s not even in question here, and this is coming from a guy who absolutely detests nerfs, and stingy drop rates, so if anything I’ll be more inclined to say something negative about BL3 and it’s loot…But I can’t, it’s simply many, many levels better. I’m even seeing green Anointed’s for goodness sake :rofl:

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Yeah I agree but to a certain point we have to give the nerfs the positive vibe.Why? Because content is lacking in BL3 too.While BL2 has his drops dedicated to the hundreds of quests/rare spawns/bosses.BL3 isnt even close to that , so having higher + world drop makes a lot of sense.


Yup I can get onboard with that :smiley:

The gun variety is a lot better in 3 I will say that. However they are also ridiculously strong. I got a green weapon mid game and I’m still using it end game because it goes with my skill set so well.

I think for me, Borderlands 2 had me using a variety of weapons. I would switch between weapons for certain enemies and even have a go of different ones because it did it feel like a particular gun was infinitely better than the other. Yes you could say Maya with SMG was better than assault rifle but on 3 you can just steamroll with torgue shotgun.

I loved doing Hyperion only Maya in TVHM in 2 (I was Team Jack). But I don’t think I could have as much fun doing a brand only run on 3. Hyperion is just kinda there, Maliwan doesn’t have that much oomph and takes more bullets to do the same damage than another brand, tediore is tedious - it’s funny to see a gun with legs but is it that useful?, atlas is a kinda good idea but a little messy to do in a big fight…torgue and jakobs are just the obvious choice.

It didn’t feel so one sided to me in 2.

But the guns are a lot of fun on 3 still - I like that all rarity guns are fun. Maybe it doesn’t help that the enemies on 3 were all kinda samey? I didn’t need to change my weapons so much because they were all human. And on Eden 6 you can pretty much run through them unscathed.

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You’re talking about bl2 like it’s a chore to play and frankly I’m offended (not really)
I miss actually having to try for legendaries. It made the moment you inevitably get what you wanted so much sweeter when you’ve spent the last week killing one boss over and over again.
And the combat! I could load up the game and actually see FFYL. I forgot it even existed in bl3, because nothing in the game presents a serious challenge. I genuinely miss those bullet spongey, health regen-ing bastards.

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borderlands 2 vets actually find it funny that people is complaining about loot in borderlands 3.


Lol yup

lol it will stop sooner or later when people get used to it.Just to compare both games on release , it wasnt that fast to do these crazy BL3 builds as we did in BL2 on release.That must speak enough.And when DLCs got finished OP8 wasn’t so easy to beat either.Not to mention soloing some raid bosses.Most things happened way later than 1 week after being released.

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I am a borderlands 2 vet but feel that complaining about loot in bl3 is completely reasonable. Bl2 you had a much easier time getting your" perfect" variant then borderlands 3. Bl3 is practically like ice fishing in an active lake with many small fish. A lot of sorting before finding something worth keeping. I’d save easily 5x the legendaries in this game then borderlands 2. With everything being world drop for the most part and no dedicated loot pools like bosses in bl2 getting that “perfect” is many times harder to get in bl3 then from stingy bosses in bl2.

I’d take my chances of getting a 94% sham from the bnk3r being higher then a perfect in bl3


I have been complaining because the high drop rates would have allowed me to farm with my friends at a comfortable pace together(Rather than what we used to do which included: Farming the Captain Scarlet chest room solo, farming specific enemies solo, FARMING SOLO, resorting to duplication, requesting drops from cheaters), and since bosses can’t be killed as fast as in borderlands 2 this makes the drop rates feel even worse.

I wanted to farm in a borderlands game for once, In BL1 chest rooms were awesome albeit a bit tedious, Bl2 had the chest room glitch, Bl3 you could farm anywhere but not anymore.

To add to this point I have like 10-15 of the same legendary none with anointment, and only two with decent enough parts.

From farming Offline on a physical copy.

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This is the one instance quantity is better then quality sort of. My reason is you would need all those drops so the sorting process would be faster so instead of doing 50runs with 1 drop you could do 10 with 5drops. I’d rather spend my time playing the game then farming. That’s why I was ok with higher drop rates so as I’m playing I could be surprised with good world drops. But online play limited that and I was tired of getting the same crap. So offline I went.


Bl2 Legendre’s where well legendary they where meant to be rare and not given out like candylike most older games u hard to work for the best gear.

The newer age of instant gratification has taken over gaming thats why more games are like that now adays its like a drug in that way u get a small high from getting what u want that release’s dopamine to your brain.Its addicting XD