I Pre-ordered Borderlands 3, but I didnt have enough money in my account. I now have enough, and it has not charged me yet. Do I have to do anything?(Xbox)

It is what the title said. I just got the money earlier today, and it has not charged me yet. I want to get the pre-order bonus. I am kind of worried. Do I have to cancel the pre-order and re pre-order it, or do I just press a button on the Xbox store?

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I think your best bet would be to contact support for the XBox store directly, as only they have access to your XBox store account and purchase history.

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Thank you. I dont know if they will get back to me soon enough though. Do you think cancelling the pre order then re preordering it will work.

Doesn’t MS have a phone support line for dealing specifically with account/payment issues? I know I’ve used that in the past. The on-line chat support function also works pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, I can’t make any recommendation on a course of action because I’ve never pre-ordered through XBox store myself. It would only be a guess that they deduct funds when the item ships, and decline to ship if funds are not available at the time?

They have both phone and chat support. Should be able to clear it up in a matter of minutes. And their tech support is much more helpful than their moderators.


I got it fixed, it still was bugged though. it completely stopped accepting my credit card, and I had to use a different card. I guess It couldnt understand that my card had money.

If a card gets declined, the store will usually mark it as ‘inactive’ in order to avoid problems with the card issuer (in the event that the declined transaction was indeed the result of fraud or card theft).

I ran into the same problem unfortunately Xbox won’t be able to cancel or anything on their end you’ll just have to wait. Don’t do as I did and think the order is cancelled and go to gamestop and by a digital copy and then Microsoft finally charges you lol! I have two freakin copies now smh