I Pre-ordered but not getting credit, please help

I pre ordered on XB1 but I am not getting the reward. Please help me.

Never got an email for it. Just a confirmation for purchase.

I already collected those rewards in game, I understand how to do that part. However on the shift website for borderlands VIP I am not getting the pre order reward so I can obtain “Children of the Vault weapon” like the image shows in original post. it should show a check mark in top right corner of the image.

Myself and several others are having the same issue. Some of my friends got the CoV weapon and Gold Skins, the rest didn’t. We all went to the Xbox store and manually downloaded the packs, but these weren’t included and did not go to our in-game mail.

Both are listed, but I certainly don’t have either.

Solved the golden weapons skins problem. Go to your Borderlands 3, manage game and add-ons. It will be listed there. None of my stuff originally downloaded and had to do it manually from the store.