I preordered from PS Store. Pre-order reward from Shift Question

Hey Everyone!
I Pre-ordered BL3 When it was Available in the PS Store (The Super Deluxe Version)
and not from the Borderlands Buy-now page (which directs me to my PS Store anyway)

So my question is, since pre-purchasing it direct, will this still be counted to the Shift reward
( Children of the Vault Weapon, Echo Device Skin, 5 Gold Keys ) ?

The reason I am asking is when I go the the borderlands page the middle box is grayed out
(complete survey) but not the pre-purchase box, it’s not “picking up” the purchase.


Technically you haven’t bought anything yet, so it won’t pick up the purchase.

That’s true, even though PS makes it very clear “NO REFUND” lol

… well I did get a pretty cool wallpaper so there is that.

If you go to your activities after signing up for VIP on the borderlands website you can redeem it by answering a survey

I am having the same problem. I wasn’t logged into shift when I pre-ordered on the microsoft store although I did pre order the game through the official website and pre-installed it on the same xbox account that my shift account is linked to. I even went to pre-order it again this time logged into shift and vip and of course it came up that I had already pre-ordered it. Does this mean that it won’t recognise my purchase yet because the money has not left my account or will it not count whatsoever? Thanks in advance.

For all people wondering it doesn’t matter!!!

Preorder need to be linked to youre shift account in the end which you do anyway on the borderlands website by linking PSN or X-Box Account to your shift profile. After that you can do the survey for extra rewards. The special reward is granted when you play Borderlands 3 within 14 days from its release date while you are logged into youre shift account which you normally do in the game title menu.

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OK thank you!
I noticed today (not sure when they added it) that if you go to that page it says “Already Pre-ordered? Skip to step 2” ( the survey) so that’s cool :slight_smile:

Where is this “Already Pre-Ordered?” page?

It’s on the ‘VIP activities’ page