I preordered OW first day possibe, haven't played once since release

So as the title says, I was an OW preorder on the first day they were announced. The Origins version no less.

Fast foward to OW release and I have still yet to play a single game of it. I played the beta for a bit so I actually have played the game and know the game decently well. However I just can’t find myself that motivated to log into it with BB now.

I’m having more fun in BB, the fights actually last longer than .75 seconds which is good feeling. I’m having fun unlocking lore and earning skins/taunts/legend specific gears. I’m having fun being able to(somewhat) customize my hero over the course of the game to better deal with my opponents. I’m having fun with the character interactions and voice lines.

In short, I think BB is more fun than OW honestly. I don’t regret my purchase, I’m sure I’ll do some OW eventually here but BB just has more going for it right now. OW is a little shallow


Same boat… its just too bad there are only 2k-4k pc players nowadays… I play the same people all the time. Idk if a ranked playlist will even work on pc with so few players playing now.

I wont be touching overwatch till I get bored of BB

I also bought both overwatch and battleborn.

Never had interest in battleborn for anything PvP related,
and I don’t follow anything related to Battleborn PvP. The
PvE is great fun, and I think quite a few PC players queue up
for the battleborn PvE content. At least the queues are always
super fast.

I play overwatch for fun, fast, low stress PvP. It delivers, just
as Battleborn delivers (for me), great PvE.

I bought both as well, and played Overwatch for a few matches trading off with my younger brother after every match, but then I got bored and decided to do something else while he played. An hour later he came to my room and asked if I wanted to play Battleborn in split screen. He said, the game is fun but just feels repetitive after a while, and he didn’t like that we couldn’t play together. I think it’s safe to say we’ll both be sticking to Battleborn for the time being.

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Well that’s the point of a MOBA over a shooter.
I would rather go back to TF2 instead of playing TF3 :smiley:

I definitely know what you mean. With everything I was hearing about Overwatch I expected it to be a lot more like Battleborn. It turns out it’s pretty much just CoD with hero skins on your players. Killing somebody in a couple of shots might be fun for a little while, but in the end it ends up being a pretty shallow experience compared to Battleborn. The nigh-instantaneous kill times eliminate most of the possibility for skillful play and teamwork.


I’m thinking about picking up Doom instead, it looks sick in campaign although I’m probably not twitchy enough to be great in multiplayer. I’d rather have that for my adrenaline game instead of another hero shooter, I still enjoy BB plenty.

I won’t lie. I’ve had some interest in OW, but watching some people stream it and the fact that it really doesn’t have any legitimate PvE I just can’t bring myself to get it. It essentially has no story to it unless you pour crazy amounts of time and research into it (similar to Destiny) and is just a huge PvP deathmatch game. I don’t technically feel it’s a bad game, but it just has so much to be desired from someone who views video games in a traditional sense (aka they’re interactive stories where you go on a journey and experience the world). I might consider getting it and playing when it get’s a giant price drop and it’s community chills down a bit and starts to have a more “casual” vibe to it. I hate the “git gud scrub” mentality.

Whats with that mentality anyways? I always give Overwatch fans and the game itself its due respect. Its honestly a polished game and even I can admit to how it can look fun for other people. The problem is when I say “I bought Battleborn because Overwatch just wasn’t my style of game.” most of them come onto me like a bunch of hornets that got their nest disturbed.


I rather ow, I don’t think it is shallow, it is just focused on competitive play, so it does a great work on keeping it simple to make it balanced

Blizzard is like McDonald’s: mass appeal, nothing too fancy, and some times you’re going to be left with a bad taste in your mouth. Gearbox is like that local burger joint that has a new and crazy Burger of the Week every week with stuff like bleu cheese and gummy bears on it. Sure they might be a little strange, but the food is always savory and delicious.


To further clarify, I think OW is a good, well made and polished game. I’m just having more fun in BB(even with all the awful losses I get haha). I say this as a person who, quite literally, owns every game Blizzard has ever made save for Lost Vikings and the Rock n’ Roll Racing.

Wow an OW post that isn’t “OW is going to destroy BB” Kudos!


instead it’s a thread about “hurr durr BB so much better OW suckz”

We’re not breaking that much ground here.

Why even talk about OW in the BB forum. In the OW Forum no one talks about BB

And yes I played quite a few hours OW today and a little bit of BB and I still like them both for what the respectively are.

Uhhhh…please tell me where I ever said OW sucks?

Please. Also don’t forget this little gem by myself later in the thread:

100% agree man. BB is a way more interesting game than that simple crazy COD type PVP like OW. They are WAAAAY different games in fact.

My personal gripe was the community that has gathered around Overwatch, not the game itself. The game itself is something Blizzard can be proud of and it shows that they put quite a bit of time and effort into the game.

Yeah over watch is fun but that whole “instant death” thing means it really doesn’t matter who you pick or fight so the game becomes monotonous and repetitive really quickly.

I still wanna get it and play it. I just don’t wanna, you know, PAY for it lol. There’s a list of games higher on my list than Overwatch.

Go get Rock and Roll Racing right now :persevere: Its so good!

While the game is certainly designed more around faster kills and bigger action, it is flat-out inaccurate to claim that kills are nigh-instantaneous and kill off skillful play and teamwork. If you play the game well, most characters will not die easily and you can easily play most of a round with only a couple deaths at most. No different than with Battleborn.