I PUNCH The Eridium! (Spoilers Inside)

Ok, I’m a bit annoyed.


In the Vault of the Rampager, apparently, as well as the two regular chests, there are a couple Eridium covered chests that you can melee the Eridium off of and then open for loot.

I’ve missed them both times I’ve been in that Vault, was told about them after the fact. Now, I’m going to head in to fight The Warrior…I mean The Rampager (:joy::joy::joy:) one more time to hit level 27 before heading to Eden-6, so I’ll make sure to get them then, but I guess what I’m annoyed about is that if the game wants to establish that Eridium is breakable by melee (or gunfire, or EXPLOOOOOSIONS!), then every one of those purple Eridium chunks that you encounter scattered throughout various maps should be breakable, maybe you could get 1 Eridium each from them, or 4, but more rarely.

Not a big deal, just a touch annoying and counter-intuitive.

And yes, I know when you are in that Vault for the main quest, the game actually walks you through breaking the Eridium off with your melee, but I guess I thought that was a mission specific event thingie.

Boo-urns, I say!


(have an excellent Monday and new week, you lot!)

You mean the random eridium chunks scattered around the map? Because they are indeed breakable like you said. And if you’re able to break the stuff from off the chests then you should be able to break the random chunks around the maps.

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Are you serious?

I’ve tried breaking them multiple times, I swear!

Maybe they just have a finicky / touchy hitbox, like when you are trying to pick up shield boosters?

If this is true, I’m quite embarrassed!

100% serious! And yeah the hit box is wonky as hell. More often then not in gotta be like standing on them before the game realizes oh hey hes trying to break eridum.

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They are only breakable after a certain point in the story


no they are not breakable BEFORE the first vault. you must get the first vault artifact before you can break them. your character even says something like “looks like i might break those strange rocks now”.

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Well, that makes a very Borderlands 3 kind of sense!


Thank you!

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np! it pissed me off to learn i could break those too. i also missed the character saying that (or its a bug) and only found out like 3/4 of the way in.

There’s a line that goes something like “Smashey smashey!” I took that to be a bit of a hint… and it was.

Save yourself some time. Start at the 10 minute mark here. The item your’re looking for is the Eridium Resonator.

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Hey, I recognize that guy!


Thank you!