I quit playing, but not because I didn't like the game

I hadn’t played BL since the first borderlands. I watched the trailers for the classes, they ALL looked cool, and I wanted to play all of them. I eventually settled on FL4K.

I had a lot of fun leveling with my tanky, pet, Regen build. Beat game, cranked it up to mayhem 3 (because why even bother 1 or 2) and things didn’t go well. As I had expected.

Swapped to fade away crit. Was hella fun melting stuff. Learned I reaped better rewards playing offline because gearbox lowered XP and drops. No problem, played solo anyway.

Got level capped, had lots and I mean lots of fun farming legendaries. Trying out new guns, finding things for new builds/characters. (Many straight hours sunk in to grinding. Off time spent data mining.)

Decided to patch. Play online, do some coop. Gearbox nerfs the crit build. Ok guess it was strong.
Try pet Regen tank build. I mean, I can’t die but was really boring. No damage. Had to just wipe when my team was dead, felt bad to have them watch me struggle to dish out damage instead of being in the fray with me.

Decided to try Zane as FL4K was no longer enjoyable for me. Learned half of his abilities don’t work as listed. No wonder people were upset saying he sucked endgame.

Diablo 3 learned a long time ago. Don’t nerf a class or build. Buff everything else to bring it up to that level. It’s more fun to the player when your wrecking ■■■■.

Looters are more fun when there’s loot. (The random prefix/suffix on legendaries is a really nice touch, and is more than enough to keep the grind going.) Farming co-op is def still a thing, but it’s just nice to play at ones own pace.

I loved the game, still do. Recommend to all my friends to get it. I just also tell them to play offline, and never patch.

The most fun I had in the game was when I got to be a badass legendary vault hunter and loot rained from the sky.

I look forward to playing again down the road. Hopefully after Zane and drops get straightened out.


Zane isn’t the only one. Like a quarter of Amara’s skills are bugged in one way or another as well. I somehow don’t think Gearbox has a QA team. If they do, they suck.


Ugh hate to hear that. They’re going the wrong way with player power.

Try mose she is a beast and honestly I never use her mech have a shield build that makes her destroy everything she comes in contact with

Sad as you can say the exact same thing about most studios these days, Bungie and Ubisoft are the other 2 that drive me crazy.

Hmmm, I was gunna go with Zane after my play through with FL4K but may now go with Moze based on what you said. I’m level 32 with FL4K and having a TON of fun. I’m not at end game yet so we’ll see how it goes.

How far have you gotten with Moze? I’m currently stuck on Pain and Terror and I’m just leveling up on side missions to be better prepared for them. Up until Pain and Terror I’ve really not had an issue so not sure what’s up.

Very good argumentation on why someone actually quits the game.
I hope you come along later when everything is patched out and forgoten.The more the merrier.

I have the same issues as you. I just don’t feel the endgame is very fun in this game. I tried Zane on my second playthrough had a blast then got into TVHM Mayhem 3 and I could’nt even kill Annointed Enemies since his best DPS Build without dying is a purely Elemental one and Annointed being immune to elemental status makes that impossible. I just feel some Mayhem modifiers just make this game really unfun plus having so many bugs and crashes.

I just stopped play too. I know Fl4k was a kinda OP, but they’re nerfing him in each patch and now I don’t think he’s viable again especially in TVHM3. Amara still has the better kit right now and they’re doing nuffin against it, only in Fl4k just because he became popular.

Others Fl4k build are not viable in solo-play during TVHM3. So… I just prefer to give a time from the game, till they fix it and become Fl4k viable again as any other char. I was thinking about start with Amara but … all over again? bleh…

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