I rarely used Amara's skills

I’ve been gaming for roughly 25hrs and the past 6hrs I never bothered to use any of her skills thanks to my arsenal. It made it all ‘easy mode’ for me. I normally one KO shot enemies and if I ever use it (skill) it’s probably just for show as opposed to ‘needing it’.

Also the only skill I tamper with if ever is just phaseslam. It destroys everything in my area that I don’t see the point of the others. I wonder if others are in the same boat.

I played from the start with a friend, so maybe we rushed the story a bit thus until now has always been 1-2 levels lower than the enemies. I’m going down the mystical assault skill tree with my first five points put in infusion from the FOTE tree (to help me build up rush stacks) and for now I just capped violent tapestry and the other rush skill (can’t remember the name). As long as I use my skill at 10 rush stacks, which happens 90% of the time, I can easily erase 3 to 4 mob enemies if lined up properly and I can usually take out half or more of a badass’ healthbar. The lifesteal is great and I still have to turn it up to 50% and also unlock the bore-like augment. Overall I think her Phasecast will be really strong.
Also the AS element is very important, all these results are obtained with fire AS element, with shock the damagd it’s much lower (still it’s very useful against bosses’ shields). That is my experience so far.

I’ve been doing it solo and didn’t notice any real challenge until I hit killavolt. But after leveling up some more he was easy. I’ve been having a great experience so far until I reach Eden Six due to prior events. My excitement came to a grinding halt.

Got it, was it because of a sudden increase in area levels? Do you advice me to complete more side missions first? Or was it for spoilers reasons? In that case, don’t tell me🤐

The way I play BL is doing everything before the story. So I side quest everything, explore everything, climb everything etc. It has paid off handsomely. BL is the type of game that rewards exploration. If all you’re doing is story I doubt you’d get a proper BL experience. It came to a grinding halt due to spoilers. I just don’t like what happened to a fave character of mine :frowning:

Yeah I usually play that way too since BL1. But in BL3 the maps are HUGE and even tho I like side quests I’m often eager to see what happens. I’m sorry for your discontent, hope it’s a fav of mine too… Bloodwing in BL2 still hurts :frowning:

On the other hand, if you complete the story first you can then farm all side-quests and their unique/legendary item rewards scaled to level 50.

Phasegrasp definitely needs some tweaking, it has a finicky target lock-on and is prone to missing too easily. It also deals no damage itself unless you go almost all the way down the Fist of the Elements tree, so any cross-tree skills that proc from Action Skill damage will be null if you don’t do so. A more minor one but that was notable for me is that Phasegrasp itself lifts enemies so high up that melee attacks can just barely reach their legs, so say goodbye to any crit melee damage.

Phasecast is pretty effective if you can time the casts properly, it does have slower projectile speed though. I’ve been wanting to toy with the Mystical Assault tree fully to see if pairing Reverberation with Revelation from the Brawl tree will give it some better AoE potential too. And Phaseslam is just quick and dirty damage, especially with Anima and Tempest from Fist of the Elements tree.

I seriously doubt the current side quests are ‘it’. They’re bound to be many more and repeat visits still so I don’t worry about that, but it’s true, that’s part of the fun, to farm

Good thing I don’t ever intend to use them. I’m happy with phaseslam as it is

I’ve almost maxed out phase grab and I kill all enemies (mini bosses/badasses) in one grab and the elements and damage (tree perks not mods) spread the damage to all near by enemies killing them all. It’s like a chain reaction, my element damage is so high and burns for so long that only other bad asses dont die from the spread, they are weakened enough that I deal with them in 3 shots from my sticky Torque Shottie.


I play Lilith and Maya exclusively in the previous two games, so I’m playing Amara now.

And I find that I’m simply playing her the same way I played Maya. Phase grab and health regen, then whatever other skills that come up. Rush is OK.
But I do use Phase grab all the time, as I did phase lock. Makes things pretty easy.

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Yeah this is how to god mode bl3 lol phasegrab is op after level 20

I hear a lot of negative things regarding phase lock so it’s nice to see that ppl can nail it down.

You’re meant to change around as the game changes later on too.

I also heard that Brawl makes endgame a breeze, well that goes to show how strong Amara really is to all those who slept on her or thought that she would be the worst VH

Yeah I started with the phase slam till about level 12. Then tried phasegrasp and it made the game so much more manageable. Gonna try the blue skill tree at some point and retry the slam now I have lots of points. That’s the beauty of this game, you can keep changing and messing around. I always spend my money on sdu upgrades so I can mess around with builds for only 200 bucks a respec.

Phase grab/lock are very solid once you get the hang of them. And their absurdly fast cool down means that you should constantly use them.

Only two things about Phase grab that I find different than phase lock (besides no Ruin or converge);

  • Takes a beat longer to proc. Phase lock is nearly instantaneous, phase grab takes a small, but noticeable, longer time to grab whoever you’re grabbing.
  • Not as easy to lock flying enemies. I’m constantly missing grabs on flyers, seems to be a side effect of the first thing, by the time the hand emerges the enemy has moved out of the target area.


Ha! She’s a freaken Siren, she’s meant for greatness