I rarely used Amara's skills

I think all her skills are solid if you know how to use them. It really falls down to the player

I just wish the game wouldn’t charge you a fee for resetting your skills, we shouldn’t be punish for wanting to try multiple play styles

There’s a phase lock? Man I love this game.

Yep it’s there.

I’m guessing it changes the phase cast blue tree? I haven’t messed with that yet.

It’s in phase grasp, her skills are very customizable so you can do lots of things with it.

I’m not online right now but can you tell me which is lock? I’ve maxed phase grasp out and dont remeber a phase lock. You’ve got the one that spreads damage, the one that jumps targets and the one that does the giant fists, what am I missing?

Phase grasp is basically phase lock. That’s what ppl are talking about.

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Ohhhhhh lol I thought it was one of the evolutions of it that I’d somehow missed. I’m on the skill tree builder app here scratching my head lol. Yeah phase lock is amazing. The one that spreads damage is op.

I tried several builds at level 50 and IMO gun builds outclass melee easily once you get some decent gear.

Would that make a Mystical assault tree more viable than brawl? As it’s not reliant on the melee. I know that, as long as gun builds go, First of the elements should be the better one, but I just love Phasecast and the rush loop is super satisfying for me.

I’m not a fan of Mystical Assault. As you said, FotE is far superior (but it’s mostly personal preference in my case). But MA should get you through the game. Brawl is also fantastic for gun builds. It offers damage and much needed survivability at endgame. That’s why I settled with FotE (maxed) and Brawl (up to Guardian Angel).

Same tbh. I’m all about Brawler and FOTE