I really dislike the new Psycho mask design and I've figured out why

First let me preface this by saying I know its a petty thing to complain about, especially in light of all the amazing stuff Bordlerands 3 has to offer. I’m incredibly hyped for the game and nothing is going to change that. However… Since the reveal of the artwork I have had a complaint lodged deep-down in my subconscious that’s been picking away at me and I just have to speak my mind.

I strongly dislike the new Psycho mask design

It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look right. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they decided to change it so much, when the mask has been the iconic face of Borderlands from the start. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right? I’m trying to tell myself that there’s some significant lore explanation and I should just wait for the game to come out to sooth my compulsion to complain but I can’t.

The mask just looks weird and after giving it extensive thought, I’ve figured out why. Its the damn lack of a “nose” and the sad looking googly eyes. Check out a quick edit where the mask has the old eyes and nose. Hell, even giving it a flat snout like Krieg’s mask would have been better.


I know people probably won’t agree with me but I had to get that out. Otherwise the game is looking fantastic though.


Even Tina ditched the old mask


Yeah, I had to pause the video and have a good long stare at her weird rabbit mask.

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it’s been 5 years since BL2 in game. Plus they’re in a new cult now. Things change.


True enough, though I don’t see the Psychos being able to mass produce all these mask upgrades. I had assumed that the old ones were just leftover Dahl equipment they pillaged and wore because they’re nuts.


new planets.


It’s an Orange vault symbol, instead of a yellowed out/black or brown look, and a little more beefy. More jaw and skull coverage, and actually is akin to a working gas mask, with that in mind. I personally like it. Its got that “dead on arrival” look that Psychos have always embodied in the series. It’s even got a bit of a grim reaper quality to the skully shape of it.

The psycho mask is iconic but has always had a very odd, almost mechanical look it. Skinheaded alien is pretty akin to a good description. Check this official mask before I show you the one we all know and love, with it’s compressed geometry.
It looks really creepy, but this design is definitely a root inspiration for the new design. It’s bug eyed, alien, and inhuman. Shootable. It’s old, too. Not a new piece of merch.

This is the design we all know and love. It’s much more rounded out and compressed, as if these previous design werent able to be made from polygons and angles. It seems more friendly, in a weird way. I’m not using an in-game mask, but it looks damn well the same, the full white masks have more jaw but that’s about it.

All of the characters are redesigned anyways, as you can see from the trailer. Kreig will probably have a new mask too.

What I’m trying to say here is, it’s seemingly a design thats been wanted by the art desginers since the beginning, it just wasn’t deemed necessary, probably due to factors like “creepiness” or just genuinely unable to be digitally sculped, and I don’t know. I don’t completely buy these designs either, but it’s been a long time and change is nessary. Developers love to get in beta concepts in later games. This seems to be one of those.


I don’t really care for any of the character designs in borderlands 3 tbh. I think changes were made, subtle as they may be, for the worse. A very minor disappointment to me. Won’t change my excitement level one bit for the game.

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That’s how I feel, my hype isn’t diminished in the slightest but it has left me scratching my head asking why. I get that characters change their clothes and hair over time but these mask that’s been the same though 2 main series games, one prequel and a spin-off leaves me wondering why mess with it?

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Well if you notice, the facial features are very different for many characters. Females especially. I love Maya’s new hair and all but her, Lilith, Tannis, do not look as good. Seems like bigger chins maybe, bigger noses, their brows are different. So i guess it makes sense the mask is different. I would assume they have different artists working on it than previous titles. Gonna have to say that at least to me, the changes are a fail. But it won’t affect game play so i can live with it lol. But yeah i see where you are coming from 100%. Can’t help but to be a little disappointed by it.

Honestly I really hate lilith’s new face. She looks like she’s trying to sell me a timeshare.


She does look a little thicker in the face, her old design was more like an upside down teardrop. lol

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She looks like her 50 year old mother.

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Lmao yes she does. I’m trying not to be too let down by it, but i’ll be real… they are ugly. The character aesthetic changes just suck. I’m just not a fan of botox (no idea how to spell that) lips and man chin.

Which is a real shame because lilith used to be hot and in her mid 20’s

Maya too. Everyone loves her new look, but in the face she is a lot different and downright ugly. I can tell you i won’t be using them for wallpapers or anything like that. And that’s something i’ve always done in the past with BL characters

Edit: okay not “downright ugly” but not up to par

I like her new face. it’s less severe. Honestly it’s just lilith. and maybe brick.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that. Only character models i’ve seen that i actually like are Troy and Tyreen, and the new vault hunters minus the siren. But i will try to get used to them because they aren’t changing. Small price to pay for a new installment

Oh and Rhys

Did you see the size of Tyreen’s head though? totally didn’t fit her neck. Go watch the beginning of the teaser again :rofl: