I Really Enjoy the Gearbox Forums

I check this forum continually in the Borderlands HJC to help other Vault Hunters with their gear wish lists, as well as check out what others are doing in each of the Borderlands titles (item finds of day, character builds, etc.). A calm and cooperative community because of years of a great series that has been time tested.

Then I walk across the train tracks to the BattleBorn community forums, the baby of the franchise. Wow, the tensions are running high. So exciting to read and watch! I played the closed test and the open beta but did not buy the game…yet. It’s because of this forum I wanted to wait for the dust to settle before I take on BB.

There is so much entertainment in Gearbox’s forums that I have a hard time pulling myself away. Thanks Gearbox for making my gaming experience even more enjoyable.


Ohhhhh yes, theres alot of tension -.- Its rather hard to filter out all the hatred and compains these days, I rather miss the calm days of the Pre-BB-Beta days^^

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Yea, you guys are busy over there.

I guess I dodged a bullet by not being promoted to moderator status for a third time.


I expected some kind of baptism of fire, but this is more like being tossed in a pit of lava… Pele demanded a sacrifice I guess :smile:

You´d do great as mod though^^


the wrath tsunami was something it was expected

Indeed, I saw this firestorm coming too… Lets just stand strong through this.

Were you on the old forums during December 2, 2014? If not, feel lucky. That was not a nice time >_>

Was that arround the BL-TPS-times? No I´ve first been arround here since summer 2015, I missed out on alot^^

Yeah, during the TPS time. And be glad you missed out on that… It was actually why I joined these forums, although for the opposite reason that most people did that day and day after. Let’s just say that what is happening today is mild and well mannered compared to the date I listed.


This forum has always been the best place to discuss things.
Even when we don’t agree politeness abounds.

Although, the TPS section still gets a bit tense at times; talk about the black sheep of the family!

Non farmable bosses?

I’ll tell you over Discord.

I’ll throw this here.

I am absolutely happy to have joined the forum.
Because I’ve made friends here, and really good ones.

Who knew all begun with a Krieg skills related question xD


That’s how I got my start.


I was here during the BL2 days when the forums were on fire over the drop rates being broken. That’s wasn’t a good time to be around, either.

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And the Bee. Fun times, huh? :p.

This is a great forum with great people, I’m proud to be part of this community. I also like that the staff runs a tight ship and keeps things peaceful.


Yes lol, the Bee XD

BL2 in general was ripped a new one in the early days. I joined in Jan 2013, when the furor had died down a little, but drop rates, nerfs, difficulty, the humour, the characters, basically every single thing was torn to pieces. It ruined the franchise, was a disgrace to the Borderlands name and should never have been released. This was what was said about BL2 early on. It seems sooooo funny now because BL2 is the clear king of the franchise!!