I Really Enjoy the Gearbox Forums

So the Battleborn slugfest is nothing new?

Not even close to new.

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Borderlands super race :slight_smile:


I´m happy I never closely whitnesses the Bee-debacle :smile: I imagine the Battleborn-matchmaking quarrels are a walk in the park compared to that times.

I honestly couldn’t say. Memory tends to distort over time so it my exaggerate some things while diminishing others. I’d have to experience it all over again to be able to tell for certain which was worse. Either way I’m still getting a headache from all of this.

Knoxxes armoury floor glitch ment or not was a bigger fiasco than the Bee nerf.

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#Floor Glitch Is Cheating…

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Who care what you do in you’re own game.

That’s what I was told!


Whoever said that was very wise. :dukewhistle:

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I can’t say I am enjoying the forums much anymore. Time to take a break.

I’ll give you 5 guesses.

More hate stuff?

I laughed when I read the title. All I could think about was how toxic the Destiny forums are.

Internet in general is toxic. It makes no diifference if you are at Blizzard, Gearbox, Youtube, Twitch, Nintendo, Steam, PS4, Xbox, , Final Fantasy, or whatever you want… Forum, i’ve never met an Forum where i can say it was 100% nice without any toxic people. However if you ask me, atleast Gearbox in general was nicer one, even on BL2 Times (i can’t say that about TPS because i was never here at this time). However yeah, i believe you if you say Destiny Forum are one of the most Toxic, because the Halo Waypoint is toxic as heck as well.


He speaks the truth. The dark souls forums can be pretty toxic to.