I really hate the shields brawlers get

That would work if they had a “turn speed” debuff.

No he means the physics shield that Galilea, isic and Boldur have. And on topic - uh instead of having an off hand ranged attack or I dunno freaking rockets. Boldur has an axe…and a shield that can block 2k dmg.

It’s their kit. They move slower (unless traited in) and thus have a big weakness in the back - the intention here is that these tank characters need more people to down them but the trade off is they can’t do much when the shield is up.

im being told it has to come from behind but that is still BS for something like rockets that land on the ground to his left and right doing no damage at all, or a boomsday that does such a large splash damage that it can just flat out cancel it when it overtakes his entire body/hitbox

If you hit with a shot or melee, the shield block if it’s facing you.
If you hit with an AOE attack, the shield block if it’s facing the center of the AOE
That’s utter bull**** but it works that way.
I have no idea how a shield can block a pillar of flame but whatever

but when its they can just raise their shield and face you and you unload everything and it does nothing its a bit over the top.

well classically shields were used to withstand projectiles (arrows for instance) these are space magical shields so I guess they can block rockets. That said hitting them from the back or putting down an aoe ability on them (orendi’ shadow pillar or thorns blight field) still damages them so it isn’t as easy as an “I win” button. It does take skill to know when to pull up the shield. Keep in mind, if you are attacking you have to finish the animation before the shield goes up. I’ve had to wait out my full combo because I was holding the attack button too long just to switch to the shield AFTER the projectile hit. It’s the job. And when you look at damage output you can kinda see why.

They are suppose to be the tanks.

Keep focusing the Boldur.
Yeeeesssss, keep focusing the Boldur, hehehehe.

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It takes two to beat a sheild. Simple as that. Is it rough? Yes, unfair? No. Play a sheild tank yourself and it balances out. Or like I said, use the second person and flank him. It’s silly to be taking on a person with a sheild alone. Yes sheild will be up as he approaches you so bait him to your back turrets and stuff or into your team. No reason you should ever 1v1 a sheild user you are playing to THEIR strengths. Play to yours, Benedict should almost never be stunned by boldur cause you can fly away to perch where he can’t get you then he leaves and you poke on him or jump lanes on him. He isn’t quick enough to come with you to the other lane and wipe the other 4 members of his squad then use your team for him. Yes the mechanic of shields is rough unless you know how to work as a team and flank his ass.


The shield is their point of difference. If you nerf that then it will change how they play. Personally I’d rather have characters with different play strategies then everyone nerfed to be the same. Learn new ways to negate the shield, accept it as a challenge. :wink:

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the shields seem to last for ever i have done easy 1000 damage + into them and they dont care along with my other teammates shooting them.

with team mates we probably done 3000 damage into that shield and its still up even though i been told it has 1000 hp

and flank him, i wanted to find also the video of me shooting and landing the rockets on the ground to his sides becuase some were past him but still get the immune. im not saying get rid of it. but it should not cancel splash damage especial if it lands to his left and right or if a bomb goes off in his face

I’m 5050 on the aoe stuff. Anything that actually comes from underneath them (orendi pillar or thorn blight) don’t get blocked but any aoe that occurs on sheild side (beni rockets or orendi ultimate) should be blocked because the explosion would be pushed away from him. If you have 3 people shooting a boldur and all 3 of you are shooting his sheild he was laughing at you for not properly flanking him. Gotta make him pick a side and take damage from the other or its pointless. Have you played any of the people you are complaining about? They actually go down fairly fast minus a sheild so that sheild mechanic is what makes them playable, they can take a few hits but they need to be able to soak damage like a Montana or kelvin and the sheild is how they can functionally do it.

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ok here you can see I am flanking a shield hero, my blast is behind her and it is still Immune!

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Yeah, this is somewhat unsettling. It may be patched in later DLC. I don’t know how programming such things work, but it seems that all that needs to be done is adjusting the area of influence of the shield’s protection, from a dome or sphere, to a hemisphere facing in front of them.

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You’re right that shouldn’t be immune.

this is what i been saying, and its worse with benedict so many mobs trigger immune with him

I think that’s the issue with some AoEs, not all. Isic’s charge cannon easily hits enemies which are normally directionally immune. I think the issue with Benediict’s rocket is that if it hits something that would render attacks immune, the AoE doesn’t apply at all.

Also, ground AoEs would still hit, along with attacks which outright bypasses blocks (like Sunspots, Ambra’s heat link, and Kleese’s shock taser)

galliea as a shield character is still not op and boldur is bad unless he has a squad to back him up… really even if it does block AoE what diffrence does it make it’s not like they can cause mass havoc while blocking?

because all she has to do is raise her shield and she is immune and can move around as she pleases. how is that not OP. an infinite immune and mobility

because they can’t deal damage while doing it. Also because AoE can deal dmaage to them it just has to be behind them which it shouldn’t be hard to land a rocket behind a galleia let alone boldur. Also remeber that when galliea does not have her shield she has only 1500 health.

also before complainging further try playing boldur or galliea like suggested above.