I really like battleborn

I’ve been pretty vocal about the issues I have with Battleborn but I have to admit the biggest issue I’m having is that there are too many characters I like. That’s a good sign

@Jythri just thought I’d let you guys know the good stuff too, since I tag you in every issue I raise! Lol


for me its caldarius i couldnt care less if no one else was on the roaster ii have over 450 games with him and i dont plan on changing any time soon also kleese is kind of cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice. How do you narrow yourself to just one?? They’re all so cool!

I’ve played close on 200 games now, but have yet to play every character. I think I’ve played around 20 of them. My most played character, however, only has 32 games. I’m just constantly switching between different characters. At most I’ll play maybe 2 games in a row with the same character.

The character design in this game is just awesome. The way different characters feel different to each other makes simply using a different character help keep the game fresh.

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I also mainly play Caldarius, but its really refreshing to try out other characters. It also helps me improve how I play Caldarius as I can know the capabilities of each characters.

I approve of this post :slight_smile:

I also am a person who likes Battleborn.


I really like Battleborn too, in fact I think I’m addicted to the game. :grin:

I have played every character, some more than others. I just love the variety that I can’t just stick to one or two. I want to play and master them all. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop!


I’ve been playing since beta and still haven’t used every character… I’ve got three or so left, I’m continually getting new comments from npc’s in story, and I’ve been having mainly good luck with matchmaking :slight_smile: I love this game.

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ive played as them all already when i first started and pick a few randoms every now and then but literally 95% of my day is caldairus

sweat love determination salt and a bunch of other things just general love for the character

Many more characters to go!

Played Oscar mike for first time yesterday, along with marquis and isic just to get the achievement for playing all bb

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The characters are what got me into this game, despite never having played a MOBA before and not being much of a competitive online match fan (except for my guilty pleasure TF2).
It was a big surprise for me when I actually enjoyed the gameplay. Tbh I didn’t expect to like it that much.

So I wholeheartedly agree: the characters are great.


Same here man, I like so many!