I really love SMGs

I’ve played Axton to level 80 and I’m approaching that with Gaige. I always seem to gravitate with either character to SMGs, even if there is a slightly better choice DPS-wise in the same element and level range. I love to play a run and gun style and the SMG just feels perfect for that.

Now, I have a level 80 shock Norfleet and Sham waiting for Gaige, and I haven’t tried ShamFleeting yet, so this may change :wink:

What’s your favorite gun/playstyle?

I usually like pistols and snipers.

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Nunchucks… >.>


If only… I think Gearbox needs to add some kind Chuck Norris weapon to BL3

DMR :love_you_gesture:

Full Auto Shotguns and SMGs tend to be my bread and butter. I LOVED Anarchy SMGs in B1 and I would love to see them make a comeback.

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You couldn’t it would break the game and kill everything without shooting or swinging it…


I played BL1 a long time ago and don’t remember who made the anarchy smgs(also a big fan especially with Lilith, game over) but even though they have not been announced I heard a rumor that s&s might make a comeback yet.

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Well nothing comes close to Salvador with Grog Nozzle/ DP Unkempt Harold’s and Nisha with Luck Cannons.

Favorite weapon: Pistols

Favorite playstyle: Kill Everything

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Dahl, Tediore, and Torgue made them apparently. Imagine a walking Anarchy Tediore SMG! They really need to make that a thing.

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■■■■! That would break the game especially if they made them as strong as in 1. What was it a high levle double anarchy was like 800×4 damage wich in one was literally the most of any other weapon lol

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Or even better, make Chuck a playable Vault Hunter in a DLC. He has one skill: One Finger Death Punch

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A non-modded Double Anarchy had a max dmg of 233x4. Which was insane for anything not a rocket launcher, shotgun or sniper.

I love smg’s to. I like that they have high fire rates, super fast reload speed and large clips. Even if they do less dmg the high rate of fire makes up for it.

SMG’s are the best because of the massive amount of elemental dmg they can pump out. Since every bullet has a high chance of procc’ing, they become OP fast. Hellfire is my favorite Borderlands weapons eva

I love elemental dmg, i don’t know how i could have forgotten the elemental dmg. :thinking:

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Carry on!

Torgue steel anarchy if I remember right was actually the best of the bunch when comparing max stats via manufacturers. Now just imagine if torgue bullets caused explosions back then. ;3