I really need help. Someone moded my Lobby and I lost my entire load out

Some guy came in with mods (i’m assuming) I don’t know anything about glitching or mods or anything like that. SO I have no idea what happened but when I started killing people guns started flying everywhere then all my guns were gone out of my inventory. I lost my entire load out.

THis legit made me cry. Yes, I was being a little girl. Well I am a girl.

Anyways, I have put so much time and effort in this, it litterely hurt so bad to lose this stuff.

I’m trying so hard to make a great Zero build. I’m level 64, finally got the UVHM pack 2.

This is my first character, i’m just now farming, and enjoying all the other aspects of the game other then just playing the mission through like other games, like fabeled or something.

So to me, what I get, means a lot. it is’t like i have done this for years. I just started. I mean, I can only farm Hyperious and Pete by myself. I don’t even have the dragons unlocked, nor do I have terramophous unlocked on UVHM. I do believe i have all the dLC. This is my first time in UVHM.

SO losing all these guns after I FINALLY get to UVHM so the drops would be easier, I end up losing all those guns I worked so dang hard to get.

THe ones I miss the most, and I on’t know if i can get back is

Legendary sniper mod
Grounded hide of terra

I’m level 64. I worked so hard…and someone had given me the grounded hide a long time ago when I first started playing but i could never use it due to thelevel and now I can finally use it.

Can someone help me and maybe trade some guns with me so I can get these back?

I can tell you the guns I have now. I have some Serephs, some pearls and Legendarys i had in my safe that aren’t Vera good.

It just made it to where the game isn’t as fun now, because I can’t barely do anything without the amazing gear I had before. I love Zero and I worked so hard to get where I am on this character, i don’t want to start all over again on anotherone.

Please add me


That really, REALLY sucks. I hope you reported the cretin who did that. I forget what level my Zer0 is currently, but I’ll take a look and see what I’ve got. BRB.

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Thank you so much. I’ll take anythign considering what happened.
i’m level 64 and now i made a mechro, my wife bought her for me.
I didn’t want to have to play all the way through to uvhm again lol.
But i have no idea how to play her.

OK, my Zero is level 67 (man, I really need to get him up to 72). I’ve got a level 56 Leg. Hunter COM, and various items between 60 and 67 spare (there’s more on my Pyscho probably.) You on-line right now? If so, send a FR to Alkymist96 and I’ll see what I can drop for you.

Edit: sent you a FR. I’ll be on for a while tonight, although I may be on XB1/BB (but I can easily fire up both). After tonight, I’ll be away for a week, so let me know if you want some gear. Got some 63/64 snipers, etc.