I really want a sequel for battleborn

This game is too epic and good :3 i really loving it I hope they make in the future Battleborn 2 What you guys think ?

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I think making a sequel to a multiplayer game is a stupid idea <3


I would prefer they focus on making this game better and better instead of just making a sequel.


There is so much they are planning that I’m too busy looking forward to that to even think about a BB2 and then a TPSBB and then BB3


There are new story missions coming… why thinking of BB2 already? I rather have them fix the collision in this game before even thinking of another game.


Gearbox would have to get better at character balancing for there to be a Battleborn 2. They need to focus on making Battleborn as good as it can be first.

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I settle for Whisky Foxtrot as a playable character in Borderlands 3! He can upgrade that Dahl AR of his that keeps falling apart :joy:


Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and DOTA 2 say hi. Quake III and Unreal Tournament 2004 also say hi. Valve, Epic, and id clearly disagree! Somewhere down the road I’d love to see a sequel as well, though I can’t imagine it’s going to happen for a good few number of years.


I would rather see BB improve upon what we have right now. If this one flops, then the second one won’t even happen so, baby steps.


Team fortress 2 and DotA 2 aren’t multiplayer sequel.
L4D2 is what comes after L4D1 in term of story, there is no competitive multiplayer.

Yes, what I meant was competitive multiplayer as in PVP and not PVE

TF2 is a refined version of an old game (team fortress classic) and same for DotA2 with DotA.
I have no idea for quake and unreal tournament since I give no f*ck to these game.

Battleborn isn’t a PVE focused game, it would make more sense to add story DLC over a new game.

Why make a BB2 at all? Just keep adding heroes, gear and maps…

MOBA’s generally don’t make sequels and this is basically a mobaish game.


Actually both TF2 and DOTA2 are standalone sequels to game mods.

TF was a mod for Quake and DOTA was a mod for Warcraft 3.

Yes as I said, they’re refined version of a game mod, which explains why they exist.

Want to see all this happen? Get more friends playing the game! The more successful the game is the more likely we will see continued support for BB , long may it reign.

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I’d rather have the focus on making this game greater than it already is. I think it has the potential to get popular over time and I also don’t feel there is a need to make a new one other than the fact that it might increase its popularity.
I’d be happy throwing money at a new project, but I don’t think it will be needed if we give this version time to grow.


I don’t think I need a BB2. All gbx has to do is fix most of the problems we are facing in BB right now, give more DLC, and I’m gladly to pay for it.

There shouldn’t be a sequel to BB unless it wount play on next Gen consoles.

After they make the game better and finish their DLC’s that’d be great.

What they said.


First things first focus on this game and make it better and grow the fan base and then three or four years down the road after they figure out how to properly balance characters and stuff like that(remember this is their first attempt at a pvp game) and then maybe they can work on a sequel or even just a similar game with a totally different back story as long as they stick to the crazy art style they’re best at