I really want to buy this but. (now I did)

Anything Homeworld is nearly an auto-buy for me (happily paid for the Collector’s edition of the remastered), but I’m a little weary from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It had the same great gameplay but vastly watered down story compared to BL2, and I’m a little concerned that this will be the same.

Can anyone suggest something to allay my concerns?

What does borderlands have to do with this?

this is being made by blackbird interactive NOT gearbox, so even if you thought for some reason borderlands has kinks those dont apply to this.

Also the reason you shouldnt be too worried is the fact that its being made with a ton of money [more than the classics] AND a fair amount of the original devs.

I want to buy it day one aswell the only problem i has is im not sure weather or not my pc could run it [because im terrible with the whole 'recommended settings and all that jazz]

Heres my PC specs

Pentium r duel core cpu e5400
2.70 ghz
4 gb ram [3 useable]
32 bit operating system]
windows 7

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Is there an Intro or a story trailer on the way? For example this from 2 years ago (love the constant chatter) + a reason why I should care about Rachel S’jet other than that a member of her family becomes fleet command.

I want something to grab me and make me throw my money at this game, but I, unfortunately, haven’t seen it yet.

Another thing, the graphics seem to be a bit…plain. Definitely not next gen or even current gen graphics.
According to what I’ve seen in the trailer anyway the textures seem flat with no reflection or normal maps…
Though I’m probably speaking to soon and will get a lot of flak for this.

Pew pew pew

I don’t know if Homeworld (or space RTSs in general) has ever competed with current gen graphics. The major problem being that everything is just too damn far away. I did really appreciate the high res textures, lighting effects, and higher detailed explosions of the Remastered, but that quickly becomes background when there are 50 beautifully rendered ships fighting 50 different beautifully rendered ships.

That being said, the vistas and dust effects in the current trailer looked pretty good to me.

I guess what I’m saying is that the gameplay looks good, and I really want to want to buy this, but I’m waiting for a story trailer.

Supreme Commander had superb graphics at the time. As did C&C3, even now Tiberium Wars have excellent models, textures though lack modern lighting and shaders.

Though yeah, zoomed out you tend not to notice on the small units, on the big units however good textures and models are paramount.

I really do think that in the gameplay department it will not disappoint but in the visual details I’m not so confident.

Either way I’m looking forward to release.

As soon as i heard the music from the first trailer i was sold:blush:

Agreed, soundtrack is epic

I do not worry at all. Look at what Gearbox did with Homeworld. They also could have chosen to develop a complete new game under the same name and wreck the basic feel and gameplay. Nope, they were aware of Homeworlds power. The music, the gameplay. Everything left the same with minor adjustments and a great graphic overhaul.


I want to tack ‘, the story.’ onto that list. :wink:

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You got me there :smile:

:disappointed: Out in 2 weeks and still very little info about this game.

Does anyone know if anything is on it’s way?

Well the actual game is out in 2 weeks

I see where the confusion happened. Based on every post in the thread (including my previous) asking for more info about that game, I assumed that people would understand the question,
“Does anyone know if anything is on it’s way?”
to be read,
“Does anyone know if any additional information is on it’s way?”
or even,
“Does anyone know if anything is on it’s way before the release date?”

I will be clearer in the future.

i felt the same apprehension, but some of the newer material shows vast improvements. this presentation contains some new footage and normal mapping is seen on the vehicles and terrain itself. dust effect also looks pretty nice.

there’s more close up/ground level footage, so perhaps the reason the trailer and such have been underwhelming is due to them showing action from a zoomed out perspective


@mlr321 Cool link, thank you.

Nice!. So that’s what BBI offices look like.

Hey, there we go.

Pre ordered and waiting desperately for this… A new Homeworld after over a decade… My heart is beating… :slight_smile: I still expect a Homeworld 3 though set in space @GBX @Black_Bird. :smiley:
Either a continuation (now possible thanks to the remasters) or a completely new story line but also focused on the Hiigarans or the Taiidan even after the fall of their empire thanks to the Taiidan republic, the Hiigarans and eventually Vaygr. Or how about another prequel - a prequel of the upcoming prequel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based upon Alex Garden’s original galactic history script. In which the numerous races fought one another just to get stopped by the Bentusi till the whole Galaxy met in secrecy setting up an appointment to start waging war all at the same time which led to the formation of the Taiidan empire, 1st Hiigaran empire and few others. This would then play till the point when the Hiigarans wiped out the Taiidan Homeworld after finding the 2nd hyperspace core and fought Bentus over Hiigara which ultimately led to their exile after their fleets were crushed by the Bentusi while angry Taiidan forces were advancing etc…

Such a story arc would certainly allow for vast exploration and discovery type missions as the numerous races are still new to space and hyperspace travel - given by the Bentusi. Where though in Hw1 & Hw2 timeline the numerous races had 4000 years+ time to explore and plunder the galaxy.

As for the lack of information about Deserts of Kharak I agree. The lack is terrible it was already the same case with Hw Remastered. At least there we had a somewhat good idea of what to expect as we knew the original titles…

I’m afraid that many people wont take notice of this besides few hardcore players and fans. The PR machinery with Gearbox and black bird interactive is terribly broken. Of course that’s what we get from two rather tiny game studios. They’re not real publishers in any regard. Still even simple hobby modders back at moddb know how to promote their products more appealing.

Guess it’ll stay up to pc game magazines to advertise the product for them. Of course should the ratings just end up mid range it may even be counter productive in regards of selling actual units (game copies). Which would then possibly mean the final death blow for Homeworld at last.

Disregard my worries…

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I really like your prequel idea going back thousands of years into Homeworld’s history. I’m just imagining what it’d be like to explore a galaxy you really know little about! I’m personally more interested in a continuation of the main story but more well designed Homeworld games couldn’t hurt.

Also, thanks for posting the DoK gameplay video! I’d got caught up in other things and it made my day to see a bunch of stuff come out in recent days for gameplay videos and the developer diary. It really raises my confidence in the game to see more videos finally come out and see that everything looks pretty neat. Hope it’s a great game, it does well in reviews and does well in sales.