I really want to like this game

I am very disheartened by this game.

I bought it with all the hopes of loving it and it being a constant in my game time.

But it seems whenever i play it is either a total destruction whether its my team winning or losing. I’ve only played one match that was very interesting.

Playing on Meltdown it seems like the best option is to have either a Rath or alani with a tanky escort push all the way into the second grinder in the first 20 seconds on the game.

The balance seems non existent, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the gameplay and mechanics with the modes themselves seem broken. It doesn’t seem “right” that the enemy can waltz into our “base” with little resistance.

That makes no sense at all. The 2nd grinders don’t open until 250 points is scored for a team.

That’s why you get turrets and fight them yourself, sure it can happen sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it, but to do that they must have a Miko so best bet is to try to kill the Miko.
Why don’t you learn from the strats the other team is using and try doing it yourself?

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when i said second grinders i meant the area of them. Killing our minions before they event meet with the enemy minions…

(Meltdown on Paradise) Alani and Ghalt seemed to stroll in and were unkillable. Alani took out our thumper from a distance and my friend and I couldn’t stop them.

ALL the right clicks to try to signal my other teammates wouldn’t grab their attention so it was just the two of us against the two of them…

Even going through the middle and trying to flank them from behind didn’t work. Here tidal wave and CC are pretty strong… even when not standing in the Circle I still get hoisted into the air.

Mostly just sounds like your team mates were bad and did not want to help out.


You’re calling meltdown more balanced? That’s your first mistake. Overgrowth is the most balanced map, atm. I played straight meltdown until they fixed overgrowth, now I’ll barely touch it. It’s almost always a steamroll match there.
Certain characters can dive super hard. Galt is not one, if he was able to, that was operator error. He’s sadly easy to kill at mid-long range. Close up is doable, but much easier.
Alani is an entirely different ball game. I don’t wanna start a conversation/argument about her here.
The diving into your “base” is actually a mechanic of the game. Caldarius or OM are both designed to get to the enemies half and steal their crystals, destroy their turrets, and flank enemies/kill ones running away. So on that one, you’ll just have to learn.
Give it time. Took me some time to get a good basis of the game. Play pve to get good as more characters and learn some of their weaknesses!

Edit : misread, realized you aren’t calling meltdown more balanced. Other than that, I think I stand by what I said :stuck_out_tongue: