I really want to like this

But there seem to be a lot of issues, from matches repeatedly filled with team members standing inside the spawn area barrier and just taunting the whole match to shots and abilities being blocked by team mate hitboxes, it just… leaves a bad taste in my mouth?

I’m not here to “waah”, just wondering if anyone might have some tips for dealing with this stuff.

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I guess everyone has dealt with unpleasent teammates and simply nasty people in onlinegames… But spawnpoint-camping is really low.
Had some missions where players jumped of cliffs until all grouplives were gone, just because they did´nt wanted the choosen map…

As far as I heard GBX is working on a report system so we have at least a way to flag such behaviour.

In the end all we as players can do right now is being better than the ones we curse.

Thanks for the positive reply. Overall, I like the game, and aside from a few nasty people it hasnt’ been too bad. (Had a Gault player who blamed me for a failure to beat an adv. story map, turns out as alani I had like some 60k healing I think and almost 3 times the damage dealt he did. I don’t know if any of that is good.)

I played as Marquis for a while, but the teammates hit box blocking shots and abilities like bindleshot kind of annoys me. especially in the chaotic nature of the game, that shouldn’t be one of the things that makes it harder. I’m looking at you montana and ISIC.

I hoped this would be good, and in some ways it is. In others, it falls flat. I guess that’s life though.

To play devils advocate a bit and show the other side, when a teammate blocks my skills (especially the reload-grenade with Mellka) it annoys me, but since I’m aware it happens I just tailor my play to avoid it. Everyone has to deal with it, so I don’t see it as an issue.

It isn’t even unique to Battleborn, I just think it is highlighted here because players have large models that make it occur more.

Anyway, I guess the gist of this is just be cognizant of where your teammates are and you get used to it.

I hope you stick with it. You get used to knowing your shots will get blocked and learn to make sure the coast is clear or position yourself so you won’t be blocked as easily. But the way this game is, it would far more annoying if a small character (like Marquis) could simply stand behind Kelvin or Montana and shoot without fear of reprisal.