I received Handsome Jackpot mission from Moxxie a minute ago

but could not navigate. What a lure. And I’m a big fish…

yeah, why they allready activated the quest without it even being in the game is beyond me…

this is going to confuse A LOT of people (i was like “wth! it’s not out yet”)


I love how it keeps changing my active quest to the handsome jackpot, grrr.


if not that it changes to an other… this game is an anoyance on itself half the time xD

the UI/menu is just… trash xD feels like most decision where made on a monday or a friday :joy:

Yeah I don’to get this either. WTF would they think people want to get a mission in their log that they can’t work on? I don’t get it.

It’s pretty, at the expense of framerates and my time. I don’t like opening the skill tree page and having to wait for an animation before being able to see or interact with my skill tree.

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but it’s not realy functionable :joy:

try comparing items in your bank :exploding_head:
sorting your items is even worse :joy:

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the backpack is a hot mess but the bank is even worse.


I admit I would have designed the backpack differently.