I received loyalty rewards?

I purchased the game on ps4, but played the game on Xbox. Still received the loyalty rewards for some reason.


Everyone who bought the Handsome Collection gets the loyalty bonus as far as I am aware :smile_cat:

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Lucky? I haven’t logged in since they “fixed” the loyalty rewards, so I will see if I get them too. X360 -> PS4.

But they did update the page and screw the reward program over.

It used to be a reward for all that bought the Handsome Collection. Now it says you can’t console jump or you will not get your rewards.


That sucks. I had already made my peace with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to transfer my old saves, but now I’m locked out of the loyalty rewards too? All of that along with the complaints about the remastering on both games being riddled with issues is actually making me think twice about even buying the Handsome Collection. I think I’ll probably stay in the previous generation for my Borderlands fix until BL3 is released. This whole thing has been disappointment after disappointment for me.

No loyalty rewards after starting the game today, so it’s not “fixed.” The fact that users with different consoles received the bonus shows that it’s shift related and not console specific like they are claiming now. They just need to release a shift key for the bonus at this point. Very annoying…


Im went ps4 to ps3, but I still don’t see the loyalty rewards. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I didn’t transfer and BL2 characters?

I think you’re supposed to transfer your characters first. Then You get the rewards. I think it was just some glitch I got the rewards.

Nope. I got them on BL2 but still nothing for TPS. And I transferred saves from both. Supposed patch for TPS, at least for me, still isn’t working. And I’ve already submitted a ticket, not doing it again.

Pretty much given up on ever getting what we all should have received day one. Pretty disappointing.

I was last playing on PS4 Saturday night, well after the fix went into place, and I didn’t get the loyalty rewards. Even though I’ve played BL2 on both 360 and Steam. And have redeemed Shift codes on both in the past. As well as the 25 key code on PS4. Hopefully I’ll have a nice surprise when I sign on today, otherwise this doesn’t appear to be across the board.

While I’m not expecting a fix anymore, it would be nice since it was promised with the game’s announcement. Changing how it works after people have bought the game is super shady. This could have all been avoided if they:

  1. Included a card in the game case with a shift code for the rewards.
  2. Sent an automated email with a shift code to anyone who redeemed shift codes for previous versions of the games.

At this point, my reward is saving $60 by waiting for the next-gen version they said they weren’t making. lol.

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i got the rewards, 75 keys, somehow 15k badass rank on each game and 100 moonstones an the skins and 2 weapons. i did not transfer any saves over as i went from 360 to ps4. i do use the same email and account for shift tho so shift must know what ive played previously somehow.

i also had a problem with my loyalty rewards getting lost, twice. first time my game crashed jus after i redeemed all my keys an skins so upon reloading i was left with nothing. an the second time my saves got corrupted an i lost everything. both times i sent a support ticket an both times the loyalty rewards have been resent to my account and i was able to get them again. im still waiting on the second time but they have emailed me back i jus didnt reply until too late so will have to wait until tomoz. the first time tho i had a reply an they were resent within an hour no problems.

so maybe you could try sending a support ticket an it may get sorted quicker if your still having issues.

Yeah, not getting any rewards either. I’ve tried clearing my cache, logging in and out, re-upping chars, re-downloading characters, and still nothing.

Why is this so hard?

So it looks like you are more likely to get the rewards if you DID switch consoles? This is getting funny now…

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Where did you send a support ticket From to have them reimburse the loyalty rewards?

Right here :smile_cat:


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Thanks for getting back to me. I had already sent a support ticket through that website, but I just wanted to make sure I had done it right/sent it through the right website. Have a good day and thanks again :smile: