I recently started a co-op. And

I am in Northeast Asia, is it a lot of technical difficulties to play with players in other regions, so to speak, on the other side of the globe?


I know that there are lots of folks here who coop with people in different countries. I think that as long as you’re on the same platform the only difficulties to get past would be language barrier if everyone is on mic and time zones. If those aren’t problems I don’t think there’s anything standing in your way. I think @nat_zero_six (aka as my personal hero and raid god) is in Asia and coops regularly with folks "“on the other side of the globe”. Maybe he has more to add on this topic.


Apart from what @paulothead said, the only other potential issue is lag, which can make life interesting. As mentioned, though, there are quite a few people playing all over the place. Best advice would simply be to try it.

I would recommend trying to connect with forum regulars first, though - some of those you will encounter just playing a completely open game can be a pain (spending all their time in the quick change or their inventory, constantly trying to duel you, bugging you for gear, etc.) There’s on-line play sections in the forums for all the platforms (PS4 and XB1 under Handsome Collection, the rest under Borderlands 2) where you can post your contact info and when you are on-line (please include time zone!)


Northeast… Russia basically has dibs on all of northern Asia, but the east… don’t hear a lot from that neck of the woods. Like Kamchatka or something?

Anyway, cross-pacific (for those of us in the states) communication can be funny just because the routing may be weird. If it isn’t satellite, you would probably be sent through Japan, then straight to the west coast? I’m hailing from California, and may be online some time this weekend if you want to give it a spin (add me on Steam if you’re so inclined).

I have a number of variables here though. My home connection is pretty rough (maybe a fifth of what my cell phone data connection can do), where I have access to direct gigabit fiber via our ISP at work (which is strangely fast).

Is there a screen in the game that can show connection stats, or would we be judging this by how much stutter we see in the character movement?


Not sure if there’s anything in the PC version you can look up, but the latency should be reflected in the bar chart beside someone’s screen name in-game - if it’s red bar, they’ll likely be rubber-banding and stuttering.


I’m on the west coast of Canada. I’ve played with people in the Philippines, Australia, China, Russia and the lag is usually tolerable. I’ve never had any issues connecting. Co-op with Kurt in California is always the same.

In other words, I’ve never experienced a consistent “good” or “bad” connection.


I am in Philippines and got a bad connection. Heck I can’t even use a mic since the PS4 won’t let me capture my voice. Coop is laggy but manageable.


I sensed lag with players in same country, that’s why I wondered about Co Op with long distance people. The “language barrier” will be exist but I think I can listen and understand most of spoken sound in English(If it is easy English like 10 years kid speak).
And I get your point. Thanks.:grinning:


You’re right. And thanks for the information about the forums. I will check there as you recommended.

I have 4 recorded videos Co Op with same area people in my youtube channel. I’m in South Korea. I could check lag in the last one.

I think I can.

I think if you link up with forum folks you’ll be well on your way to coop adventures of the best kind. I hope it works out for you. Best of luck friendo.


Thank you say so.

you are on PC right? you can add in your friendslist some of the regulars in here like @StrikerZidane @Jefe and the rest.


Definitely! Add me.

I’m not available very often but I’m always happy to co-op. Striker, kbk is a VERY good player ( Sal and Krieg mostly I think ).


Friend request added… my computer here can’t handle BL2, but you may see me playing TF2 on and off. :+1:

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