I recently transferred my game from 360 to Xbox one and lost all of my characters that were up lvl8

I recently transferred my game from 360 to Xbox one and lost all of my characters that were up lvl8 has this happened to anyone else? I lost everything!

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A few questions for clarification:

  • Are you transferring to the Handsome Collection edition or the backwards compatible version?
  • Are you attempting to use the in-game upload/download menu, or the 360 cloud sync folder?

Also, just streamlined your title a bit…

I’m transferring from the backwards compatible version and I believe I’m using the cloud, I don’t know any other way to upload anything

From backwards compatible on XB1 to Handsome Collection on the same XB1? Then you’ll need to use the in-game Upload/Download menus to transfer your saves one at a time from one version to another: launch the bc version, select a save, upload. Quit, launch the HC version, select Download and “Save as new…”. Repeat until you’ve done each save you want to transfer.

Same procedure for physical 360 -> Handsome Collection version, except obviously you can leave the game running on each console (and you must have both consoles still to be able to do this.)

If you’re actually transferring from a physical 360 to XB1 backwards compatible version, you need to have your saves on your 360 in the Cloud Save Folder:


Check that the save files are there on your 360. It may take a short while to sync those files to the cloud backup, so don’t sign out of your account or turn off the 360 straight away. (You should get an alert if you try to log out or shut the console down while the sync is taking place.)

These files should, in principle, then show up when you launch the backwards compatible version of BL2 on the XB1. The first time you do this, you should see a “Syncing files” progress box pop up. I seem to recall reports from some folks that they had to restart their BL2 game on XB1 before they saw the files, but they should be there as long as you are signed in on the same GT on both systems. (Worth checking if you have more than one profile on the system and one of them has auto-login enabled!)

Hopefully, one of those describes your situation and you can get the saves transferred properly.

Thank you for the tips, unfortunately the characters were not on my 360, so I was unable to transfer anything. I guess I’ll just have to replay it again, no worries though. I’m only replaying it to refresh my memory before bl3 comes out