I recorded an entire playthrough of the Battle of Best map that I made

For those of you that asked for this, here’s the youtube link (finally) of me playing my custom mission for BIA: HH - Battle of Best. enjoy:


I remember playing this, it was pretty damn amazing. Really enjoyed it.

This is one of the few customized map that inspired my to want to be a level designer. I sadly never got enough into the UDK for BiA though. Maybe I should try now that I have experience. There’s some levels I always thought could make great setups for BiA.

I just built a new gaming rig. I just may see if I can load up either R2H30 or EIB and see if I can load this map! I do have the Steam version of EIB.

Hey Major, this is a map for Hell’s Highway so it’ll be a bit of a problem playing this in EiB :smiley: