I regret buying Battleborn and this is why

First, let me say that my wife and I play Co op games and they’re the majority of the games that I play. Diablo and of course Borderlands are the two we play most. Hell, our two year old Bull Mastiff is named Mr. Torgue (although he’s really more of a Brick). They’re aren’t many good couch co-op games so I’ve been following Battleborn and was excited for it.

This game looks like it has potential, but some of the issues it has are so frustrating that I’m not having any fun playing it.

The couch co-op experience for this game sucks. It really does. I have no idea why the prologue can’t be played with two people and has to be played twice. Why the hell is a third of the screen blocked out with a map? In order to look at the map, I have to take my eyes off the action! In order to read the helix upgrades, I have to move directly up to the TV. Which, by the way, why can’t I just set my helix upgrades before the match starts?

The difficult for two people is way too hard. We’re both pretty good at video games, but on private co-op you just get swarmed at times and there isn’t much you can do about other than retreat, which isn’t fun. We don’t like playing with other people, I feel like we’re being forced to have other people in our games. Which is not necessary.

We’re going to give the game more chances because I hate investing money in something I don’t use. But we’re not having fun and I have a feeling were going to go back to diablo/borderlands. Just glad I didn’t buy the season pass right now.

If its too hard you are missing a key character for that mission. Kleese is good on point defense. Eventually you will need
insane DPS: take ISIC. Hope this helps as spoiler free as possible.

Last mission I used isic, she used the orange chick. We were rolling pretty well for a while, then the wolf sentry died and failed the mission. We were far enough into it that we just turned the game off, it was frustrating

I played most of the missions with random groups and I think with 5 people some missions are a lot harder then with 2-3 people (or solo).

Some missions are pretty demanding, but thats part of the fun. Altough failing saboteur too often in a row takes its toll on the enjoyment factor and before anyone asks… I’m not the best player, I know that, thats probably part of the problem in my case.

I think I read somwhere that the problem with the local coop ui is a known issue

Reyna has a shield that moves with her at lvl 10

Split-screen console?

Yeah couch co-op. It’s how we play games. If anyone else is planning to buy this game for that purpose, I do not recommend it.

…Stick to the plan.

I second that. Skill gets you only so far but thinking gets you further. Believe I am at least average at FPSes though I get compliments about my skill now and then and people actually gifted me games because they wanted to coop with me.
I am trying to say is once you and your wife set your minds to it you will have good fun for some time. Get to know the maps and the characters and figure out what compliments each other. Bonus: You have something to discuss (tactics & strategy).
I am pretty sure you will succeed eventually.

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Thanks for the input.
We’re going to keep trying, but I still say that there are annoying problems with couch co-op in this game that really need to be addressed. I don’t understand why anyone would think that the map taking up a third of the screen is a good idea.

Yeah good couch coop is hard to come by. Had the most fun with Halo titles in that regard. THB I would think even Borderlands is kinda problematic. Couch Coop games need simple mechanics and little micromanagement stuff.
COD is nice for COOP too. Or games like Castle Crashers.

Uhm … as far as I know playing with 2 ppl is actually the easiest of all options. Apparently the game scales pretty hard if you bring more players in …

Me and my pal had no problem in finishing all missions (well … except that stupid Saboteur mission ofc :grimacing:) on advanced difficulty … most of the time without using any lifes. While we are certainly not casuals I´d never call myself a pro in shooters or mobas either … :neutral_face:

I don´t really get your gripe with the map or the helix. Didn´t feel to my like the map was obstructing much of the screen space (haven´t played splitscreen though) and I don´t know of a minimap where you don´t have to look away from the action. o.0 … not that you need it that often anyways.

Either way … I hope you give it another shot! … maybe try some other characters? Mike is pretty tight with high ranged DPS and cloak for reviving your mate. Buildables help a huge deal in the defense missions. … iirc we too had the wolf sentry die in our first attempt. Just keep close to it, upgrade it with a shield for bigger fights and get the turrents along the way. :wink:

Castle crashers? I’ll have to look that up.
I never had any complaints with Borderland, expect for the map. That game did co-op right as far as I was concerned. We’ve spent 100s of hours playing it. My wife doesn’t like COD, which sucks.
I just don’t see the same replay value with Battleborn though. I’m just not having much fun playing it.

I played an online match with 3 other people last night and it was much easier than doing couch co-op. At least that was my experience.
Try doing split screen. It cuts off a third of the screen. Considering how it’s how I’m going to spend the majority of my time playing the game, it’s a pretty big gripe.

Wolf can heal himself, use that to your advantage.

The layout is very different in splitscreen, since there is much less space for everything.

I’m sure the map area is the size it in split screen is so that co-op players have the same aspect ratio as non-co-op players, so that nobody’s at a disadvantage when playing against other humans. You can’t set the Helix upgrades in advance because they are supposed to allow you to choose skills to help with the situation you find yourself in, which changes from map to map.

The ‘campaign’ is really just raids - they are meant to be hard challenges, and losing regularly is part of that. Think of them like the Greater Rifts in Diablo. It’s definitely not a linear narrative story mode where completing and progressing is a given, and people should be aware of that going into the game. That said, I’ve been able to beat most of them with 2 players, though it took a while for me to really get comfortable enough with a character to play well - Orendi (who I assume you mean by ‘orange chick’) is a powerhouse once she gets her skills working in a loop to increase the cooldowns of each other, but this game is really about team composition, and with only 2 people you really have to pick people who complement each other.

Castle Crashers is so awesome. I downloded it again last week - and remembered how fun it is.

My favorite co-op play is Borderlands (all of them) by far.

I love the story/rpg nature with the FPS shooter style game(s). So good. It got us to buy two XBox 360s so we could play full screen with both of us.

We bought two XBoxOnes to play Battleborn. While waiting we picked up the Handsome Jack collection and played through them again. So so good.

We have possibly thousands of hours invested in the Borderlands universe.

Battleborn is a fun to play game - but with too many problems for us to play it. (I have complained about them adequately in other threads - no need to rehash here).

I don’t agree, me and my husband are loving it. The split screen was a pain but we used to it. The missions are frustrating but that the charm of it. So I do recommend this for split screen.

It seems to be the general oppinion that 2 player coop is the easiest … maybe your character choice was poor, maybe you just need a bit more experience together.

I can´t try splitscreen as I´m playing on PC, but If you are having problems with it, then there is obviously an issue. :confused: … don´t know how they can improve the stuff you mentioned but as consoles are a pretty big market one would assume that they thought it through beforehand? :no_mouth:

We’ve already went back to greater rifts in Diablo lol.
We will try out some other character combinations later. Seemed like a tank and a powerhouse was a good one.