I regret purchasing this game at launch (a short letter)

I regret purchasing this game at launch.
So many bugs in need of fixing.
So much optimization lacking.
So much time spent farming wasted thanks to gear rebalancing.
So many builds that they haven’t decided if they want people playing them or not.
So much evidence to indicate that gearbox didn’t have anywhere near enough play testers before releasing this game.
I wish I’d waiting for the Steam release next year.


Yet you are still playing the game i’m guessing so you can’t regret it too much :slight_smile:
Also you wasted your own time farming if you chose to ignore weapons that you didn’t consider the best of the best and that’s your own fault not theirs. Quit complaining and farm some new fun weapons to try out and play around with why don’t ya

  1. Stop blaming the gamer for Gearbox’s problems.

  2. With the limited amount of bank and storage space the game gives you and 0 warning of what gear is going to get nerfed you’re pretty much forced to ignore the 99% of the weapons in the game.

  1. I blame those who are so selfish and think that the developers should care more about their immediate happiness instead of the longevity of the game.

  2. I agree, the bank space is an issue. However, I am sure that this will be addressed before too long and in the meantime, you can always make mule characters.

So what if the OP is being selfish (which they are not)…they didn’t buy this game for you or anyone else. They bought it for themselves.

Fixing major bugs is probably the best thing they can do to increase the longevity of the game. Ironically these hotfixes are nothing but short term solutions. Its not the gamers job to compensate for the games short coming. There should be no need to waste our time making mules.

So I will say again…stop blaming the gamer.


With today’s hotfix, I think I am going to be taking a break for a while.

I have several of the guns that got buffed today. And I am constantly running around with full backpacks and a full bank. There is no way to hang on to every gun, grenade, shield, and mod.

Why waste the time when there’s no way of knowing if they’ll be nerfed the following week? And again, where am I supposed to put them?

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Funny how these actually go hand in hand… If I pay them money for a game and they give it to me why should I have to wait for the game to be good in the long term to feel my money was spent wisely?

Why should I, who have already paid for what I hoped was quality content… Still have to wait until the game sells for 40 bucks (or less at this rate) to finally get enjoyment out of it?

The message you’re sending is just wait 2 years to buy that new game we have been waiting years for because until then everything must be our fault for not enjoying it the right way.

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