I RESET IT :D [Guide] Resetting (B.A.R) Badass Rank to 0

Here’s how i totally reset my badass rank on BL2 (The Handsome Collection)

Some steps may not be needed but this is what i did from start to finish… I merged several guides together as not a single one worked alone for me.

  1. Head to Settings > Storage > Delete the profile save for BL2. (Optional for Characters).
  2. Head to Applications Save Data Management and DELETE ANY PS+ BACKUP PROFILE SAVES.
  3. Head to Network and untick “Connect to Internet”
  4. Start the game while offline and create a new character. Pause the game as soon as you gain control of it. (The moment you see claptrap digging)
  5. Connect to PSN while you have that character loaded. (Middle button > Settings > Connect to Internet & Tick it)
  6. Head back to the game and change the lobby from offline to online.
  7. Earn a Badass Rank (This works better on a new character the hidden symbol in the 1st room where claptrap is will help with this.), I also had a random join my game i don’t know if this affects things (We also had a duel as well for a 2nd badass rank).
  8. Quit and save the game.
  9. Head to Applications Save Data Management and upload new profile to PS+ Cloud

Before: https://cruxedkat.live/s/201911172762.jpg
After: https://cruxedkat.live/s/201911165880.jpg
Heres a video of it no longer syncing and granting me tokens

Man it felt good to get it fixed so i can play normally (Hope this helps others).

WARNING: doing this will reset your golden keys down to 1.

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When you get back to the game it will sync again. I know i tried a few times already.

I actually followed up my ticket i submitted to gearbox and they replied that 2k will be the one to help me out, so i sent a ticket to 2k and they said gearbox is the one who can change regarding the stats.

So yeah, i submitted again the ticket to gearbox maybe they will refer me again to 2k. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Mine didn’t sync iv overwritten mine completely… Ill show a short YouTube video showing it being entirely reset from boot, Iv no footage from before the reset though :frowning: other than the screenshot.

Be sure to try my method out and if you need help i can walk you through it via discord.

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Here’s the video for you.

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good for you :+1:. hope it will not sync back.