I returned Duke 3D World Tour

(Delicieuxz) #1

I’m a huge Duke Nukem fan (DNF sucks, though), having first played the series with Duke Nukem II. And Duke 3D is one of my all-time favourite games. I’ve played it a ton, and bought many versions of it.

Getting a new Duke 3D episode is awesome, but what wasn’t awesome was being unable to enjoy that new Duke 3D episode because v-sync was forced on in the game, and it made my player movement lag behind my mouse and keyboard actions.

So, first, why is a poor implementation of v-sync, which adds huge amounts of lag to the game, forced on? Second, why is any v-sync forced on, rather than an option that people can choose to turn on or off? What other game does that?

Because that ruined any possibility of actually playing the game, I returned it. And since a Steam review complaining about the forced-on v-sync is the most helpful review, I’m guessing that many other people did the same

The choice to force v-sync on is just plain bizarre, not logical, and pretty much unheard of - and it just shoots the game’s performance in foot, and so reflects badly on Gearbox.

Why is Gearbox seemingly synonymous with low quality presentations? There still isn’t a working no-HUD mode for Homeworld Remastered, despite the game telling the player in the tutorial that it can be played in no-HUD mode (like it was originally designed to be). And that game also resets HUD configuration with each new level or map load - 3 years after its release.

(Delicieuxz) #2

BTW, when I say “v-sync was forced on in the game, and it made my player movement lag behind my mouse and keyboard actions”, I mean by a lot, so that my movement commands are no longer relevant to the ongoing action by the time the game displays them - which obviously means an inability to hit or dodge anything. It’s unlike the amount of lag in any other game that I turn v-sync on it.

And my PC specs are:

i7 2600k
GTX 1070

I hope that Gearbox will release a patch for World Tour that makes v-sync a configurable option.

I also hope that Gearbox will release a patch for Homeworld Remastered that makes the no-HUD mode function properly, and a menu setting to configure it, and to configure the green boxes around ships so that they don’t reappear in each new level and game, and that the RU HUD will not stay stuck open every time the build or research menus are opened and closed, while trying to play in no-HUD mode.

It would be very disappointing in Homeworld Remastered never achieves a ‘ready for release’ state before being abandoned. And without the working no-HUD mode, which is the most iconic and immersive thing about Homeworld, other than the 3D movement, HMR is indeed in a ‘not ready for release’ state.

(Nuclear Failure) #3

I did the same. I am a big Duke Nukem fan and World Tour is an extremely poor release. I enjoyed the new maps and music from the old developers but everything else was just bad. I had to use EDuke32 and a fan patch to enjoy the new episode…the Nerve port is ridiculously bad. There’s some kind of funky mouse acceleration going on that makes the entire game feel sluggish, switching weapons is extremely slow due to some weird new weapon system they put in, the new Jon St. John lines sound terrible, there was some weird audio bug for a long time that had everything sounding awful, the new weapon is a lazy sprite edit, the new enemy is an old prototype design, the new boss is a recolored Cycloid Emporer…it’s just a bad release.

Duke Nukem 3D is over 20 years old. It has been re-released dozens of times, given away for free more than once, ported to almost every platform imaginable. Time to make something new.

I really want to see Voidpoint who are doing Ion Maiden do a Duke game. I played Ion Maiden on Steam and it’s like Blood and Duke Nukem 3D had a baby.

(PsychoGoatee bets on Duke) #4

I agree, they need to patch in Vsync options and also framerate cap options.

But, I know this is an older topic, but if you ever try it again ther are possible ways to fix this. If you have a video card such as NVIDIA, you can disable Vsync for this game from in there. And then I find limiting the framerate (I cap it at 120 fps) in something like RivaTuner Statistics Server is good too. That does the trick.

But these are essential options, and Gearbox really should put these in, since Duke 3D will always be needed, and this is the main way it’s available on PC. And making the new slower weapon switch a toggleable option would be good too.