I said it but no one wanted to believe me

Back when it was announced that mayhem would be rescaled and that some weapons would be buffed while others were nerfed, I said this was the WRONG way to go about balancing the game. I said that if you change the baseline you will inevitably get everything wrong. I said that it would just make a lot more sense to buff the weapon scaling for the under performing weapons since you maintain a baseline and don’t negatively affect what already works in the game.

But many people on the forums disagreed with me. They said certain weapons needed a nerf, and that enemy health needed to be turned down. “It’s all relative anyway”.

Well I hope you are happy with the game, because it’s a hot mess right now. We wouldn’t be having these problems if they just left everything alone that was working. Now everything is changed and the devs are going to have to push out multiple updates to fix it. In other words, I was right that they wouldn’t get it right and now have to do more work to fix the ■■■■ that’s newly broken.

I’ll be playing other games until DLC3 comes out. I was excited to get new content for Borderlands 3 but after playing just 15 minutes of Guardian true takedown with some of the best gear in the game and barely able to make it past the first section without running out of ammo I’m just going to stay on break until it’s fixed.

The best game design philosophy: do not fix what isn’t broken.

PS. I know you can use Cutpurse Launchpad to get more ammo. Problem is 1) I don’t have one, and 2) you shouldn’t need such an artifact unless you are doing a build that actually consumes a butt ton of ammo.


im not having problems in the game right now
just the takedown is broken and its about to get fixed
everythings fine regarding this topic, i guess
we just need a few more buffs for some weapons


The buffs we got didn’t really even make a difference. These weapons are still meh compared to the top weapons. Only now the top weapons are a bit more meh.

I just don’t see the point in creating a new baseline when the old one was just fine. If it’s all relative then just leave the baseline as is and buff stuff up to that point. Nerfs should ONLY be reserved for the especially egregious stuff, like Pipe Bomb.

Like it seems they fixed the billion damage exploit with the Slayer mod and Ties The Bind. While I used that all the time, I would agree that was a ridiculously overpowered thing to have in the game. I’m mildly upset it’s gone but it was too much. Everything else was fine though. Yellowcake, Sandhawk, Kaoson, 300/90. This stuff was where it should be. Now they all just feel crappy.


so i guess, kaoson, OPQ and YC was the old baseline for you?
GBX doesnt seem to agree on that one xD

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Outside of the Takedown’s(especially GTD), I can feel a noticeable difference on weapons outside of the top performers prior to Thursday’s patch. A lot of the weapons that I used in M4 can kill again.

They nerfed what, 3 weapons and 1 annoint?

Last night me and a friend beat GTD, 1 day after it dropped. It took us a week to beat MTD when it came in November. Give it 2 weeks and we will be flying through that Takedown as well.

My menu’s feel night and day better(on xbox).

I still miss M4, but I honestly think Thursday’s patch was a lot bigger improvement than it’s getting credit for.


a few more?

sounds liek you play with 30 guns or less
i can give you literally a4 sheet full of guns and items that need adjustments

just because you are happy and content with what you can use on m10 does not mean other people feel the same way or they should be feelin like that. few buffs LMAO this game needs a god damn overhaul


well, i am actually constantly suggesting weapon buffs
but its like, moving in the right direction
a “few more” is a dilatable term

Yes because they had reasonable time to kill on majority of enemies in the game. You shouldn’t be spending more than 10 seconds shooting at a trash mob enemy.


OPQ still required several clips to take down badass enemies. Even with the 300/90 anoint it would take me roughly 30 seconds or more to kill an Aggro Tink. That’s entirely reasonable.

Kaoson didn’t even feel that great. Maybe I got bad rolls/anoints but the thing felt like it was barely stronger than a Hellshock.

It makes no sense to nerf these things and require a player to spend more than 30 seconds killing a trash mob enemy. Bullet sponges aren’t fun, I thought that’s why people complained about the m10 scaling in the first place. Ironically, by asking for nerfs they are asking for more bullet sponges, which then they turn around and say m10 enemies have too much health. Pick a ■■■■■■■ lane.


i think you had bad builds :confused:

Tougher enemies =/= bosses
That weapon was ridiculous, and tbh in base game it still feels really powerful. Instead of one shotting Traunt now I two-shot him. Wow, big nerf.
Only nerfs you can argue with in this patch imo are Kaoson and particularly SandHawk who got absolutely destroyed.
300/90 got butchered too but this anoint was stupid anyway. 300% dmg bonus almost all the time, without any condition needed, usable by all 4 characters with the same efficiency. It was 100% going to get nerfed it was a matter of time. I just didn’t expect it to be this heavy.


Yeah, if it took you 30 seconds with this anoint, I second Loli, there’s something wrong in your build :confused:

Amara. Driver with weapon and AR damage. Recursion with elemental anoint. Sandhawk with elemental anoint. Yellowcake with 200% ASA anoint. OPQ with 300/90 anoint. Hellshock with consecutive hits anoint. Transformer with elemental anoint. It’s Piss with elemental anoint. Elemental Projector Otto Idol with cryo/corrosive damage and mag size.

Literally one of the strongest builds in the game with some of the best rolls. Not a bad build.

Aggro Tinks are the ones with 3 health bars. 30 seconds is entirely reasonable for this build. It would take me about 4-5 clips to kill them. Anointed enemies took me over a minute. If I got a good Recursion hit it would kill them much faster, I’m talking specifically about using OPQ 300/90 on them.


well, i was pretty much melting stuff with my kaoson and now its still decent and i am having fun and i dont feel like cheating

Alternatively, if you “felt like cheating” when using strong weapons, maybe don’t use them? I never understood this logic.

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alternatively, if you feel like it’s taking you “too long” to kill enemies now, you can play at a lower difficulty
never understood that logic


But my weapon says “Mayhem 10” on the card. Why would I use an m10 weapon on anything but m10? The game is supposed to encourage you to play to the highest level.

It’s not quite the same thing if you catch my drift. It’d make more sense to challenge yourself with tougher gameplay (either by increasing difficulty or using off-meta gear), not dumb it down so your weapons work like they should have been working in the first place. You want to play up, not play down.


if your weapons is already 1 shotting everything in front of you, what is there for you to work up to?
MH10 is obviously NOT meant to be the newbie place for everyone to “have fun” and cookie cut through the game
its meant to be the place for people to try optimizing their build and try to deal more dps to enemies that are actually hard to kill (not talking about bugs that take a minute to kill)


Except that these weapons were working just like that at m10.

OPQ 300/90 would still take a few clips to kill tough enemies, and many many clips to kill super tough enemies like Anointed.

Yellowcake, again, is a heavy and should be one shotting bigger enemies. But it has little ammo and can’t be used all the time.

Point being these weapons were performing just fine where they were. Now they are weaker and feel like they are under performing, along with pretty much every other weapon in the game. Mind you, I had a very optimal build with optimal gear. I SHOULD BE demolishing stuff quickly on the highest level because I have (almost) the absolute best stuff in the game (which I devoted a lot of time to farm). If I had some crappy weapon with a crappy anoint and no build synergy, you would have a point, but that’s not the case. I’m at the highest level, I should be rewarded with faster kills.

Sandhawk melted stuff but cost a ton of ammo to do it. Both it and Yellowcake I would have to use conservatively when there were larger groups or enemies, or lots of super tough enemies. I couldn’t just use it all the time. Only way I could do that is if I were to lower my DPS and took a Cutpurse Launchpad. So there is a trade off.

Also to say “m10 is not a place to have fun” is a very incorrect statement. Everything is meant to be fun. Only now it’s less fun because the weapons feel less satisfying to use. Again people complain about how bullet spongey enemies were on m10, but then turn around and praise nerfing good weapons and buffing bad ones from completely unusable to barely usable. It makes no sense.


I think GB may have been far too timid with how they buffed the SMGs in light of the 20% health nerf for higher mayhems. You can see it in this line

Hopefully, once the GTD scaling is fixed and we see the true impact of the health decrease at the highest levels of the game, they’ll have a better idea of what they need to do.


How weapons should work is something you imagine, and GBX may disagree with you. It appears they want M10 to be harder/more bulletspongey than what you got used to. If you don’t like it, that’s a fair complaint.
If enemies become less bulletspongey again, all I care about is not having to use 5-6 guns to make it so. Let there be like 20 good guns at least, depending on character and build too.