I saw the words "Cross Play" and got so excited, now I'm so sad I don't even want to play this stupid game

I bought the game on steam. I saw SHiFT. In big words, it said “cross play”. It has the PS4 icon. My wife saw the same thing, thought the same as I that we could get a second copy and play on our PS4 while I play on my PC.

It turns out that was a lie, and you folks knew. You knew you were decieving people.

Really, I kinda want all the money back for both games, quite a lot of coin. I bought a copy for another friend too. I feel so cheated right now, and I feel lied to. Please, in large print, tell the f#cking truth. Say the freaking words, out loud, that you know your customers need to hear.

Or at least fix the problem.

Goddamn this stings.

It’s annoying that BL3 isn’t crossplay over all platforms yet, I sure as hell wish it was seeing as I play PS4 but my friend plays it on PC (i can’t get it on pc because it’s too old, and she doesn’t have a PS4).
But… I don’t think they’ve ever advertised it as cross play being currently available, and a simple google of BL3 quickly answers the fact that it’s not- only for steam to epic. There are plans in place for it to eventually be crossplay but they gotta get all console makers onboard for it which can take time and money.


u were expecting all that??? nope its only epic and steam crossplay lmao .

My problem is that all the verbiage in the game seems to indicate that it can. “Add friends from all connected platforms” and it lists PS4 as a connected platform. If they aren’t going to allow you to cross play with different platforms, they need to say as much. Clearly. “You cannot play with players on consoles such as PS4 or XBOX”. Don’t just slyly wink at it. Epic doesn’t count as a different platform - it takes no investment to chose between downloading a game from steam or epic. Don’t loudly proclaim “we’re cross platform now” just because you can install from both the internet and a disc. They KNOW at managerial level exactly what they’re doing, trying to sucker in people like myself.

GBX have never flat out said one way or another whether they will be adding cross platform play, only a coy ‘not at this time’. Given that they’ve come this far (which is only since the Steam launch update in March two months ago) it may be something they’re working towards but aren’t ready to announce. Or may be not - I don’t know. If you want to explore a refund, you’ll need to to contact whichever store(s) handled the purchase transaction.

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Most games out there that have multiplayer aren’t cross play over console and pc, except some of the big names (rocket league, fortnite etc). I’d say it’s usually much safer to assume games can’t be played from ps4 to pc unless explicitly said, and I’ve never seen anything on BL3’s marketing that’s ever suggested PC to PS4 crossplay. I’m interested to know where you’ve seen them saying they are cross platform with pc/ps4.
I agree that we should definitely have crossplay in the future, but getting mad because you assumed they have it and they don’t isn’t GBXs fault, that’s on you.

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Randy said there would be it just wouldn’t be at launch before the games release.

If gearbox and 2k know this feature is coming, but need time to develop it -they still need to clearly state it is not available. They are using the word “CrossPlay” - any version of this word is clearly understandable to consumers to mean that it plays across meaningful platform boundaries.

If they fully intend to develop and release that feature as a business, that is great, I fully support them.

But just because they intend to finish the construction doesn’t mean that in the meantime they can leave the road fully open, and not put a “bridge out” sign on it.

They need to act responsibly and clearly state that the desired functionality, that they are alluding to with the name and all of the in-game documentation, is not there.

On their SHiFT “add friends” page it says “find friends on any supported platform”. I have a Screenshot, but it’s clearly there. The signup for SHiFT in Borderlands says that it connects players on PS4 and PC. What it doesn’t say is anything about whether those players can actually play - and that’s a problem. Because they advertise “CrossPlay”. Only, they mean between two different ways of downloading the game on PC. That’s not what I, nor anyone else, really cares about. They know that. They advertise “Cross Platform” proudly, but it’s across a trivial platform gap. If my friends play on steam, it’s no problem for me to use steam rather than epic. Now - I really, really hate it when epic and steam don’t connect. That is clearly two companies ripping consumers off. But this is advertising a bridge over a completely irrelevant gap.

All I want is for them to clearly state the Lack of functionality and value that’s implied by the words “cross play” or “cross platform”. Those words are like any other advertisement indicating extra value, consumers expect something when they see it.

Having to google and read industry articles is not clarification.

The only value I am looking for in a game right now is replacing the social connection that I can’t get because of a global pandemic. That’s why I’ve bought 3 copies of this game so far for people.