I see Yellowcake was nerfed

Is it still a good weapon, worth running, or just decent on Moze now?
Any other weapons been hit hard?

Kaoson got balanced a lot too
It was necessary tho^^

No it wasn’t

It had the double or triple DPS compared to other smgs
The patch notes explain it pretty well
It hits twice to begin with

Kaosun needed slightly nerfed but i only ever hip fired it with my bottomless mag build and now the darn thing is so all over the place its garbage for my moze now but still good for other type builds

I can’t exactly do a one/one comparison given the changes, but I’d estimate effective damage reduction of about 80%-ish on the Yellowcake? It’s hard to be sure, but they decreased both the damage, and the secondary explosion damage, and that’s a rough estimate of how much less damage I do with it now.

Kaoson and sand hawk nerfs were a major disappointment for me. Basically all the gear I got for moze is now worthless.

No, you did not.

Yeah I don’t understand the nerfs. Ion cannon was fun ((keyword FUN)) before the nerf, Kaoson was one of the only guns that moved health bars at MH10 for me, along with the OPQ and yellowcake.
I don’t know why we need nerfs in a non-pvp environment. It just speeds up farming. Better yet, it makes mh10 content playable. Not a total drag to play through.

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Still pretty good on Moze if you’re running blastmaster + Torgue Cross Promotion + Atom Balm artifact. Too bad a level cap will render it useless for a while.