I see zero reason to pick whisky over oscar

His sticky bomb is inferior to both cads and oscars… his shotgun skill may as well be the worst attacking skill in the game for an attacker…

also since most of his skills changes how or what he shoots I’m constantly in barrel change animation…

character is awful


True this. Oscar’s attacks are all super easy to use and yield crazy powerful results (including his rifle). Whiskey’s are much harder to land and are significantly less powerful (also including the rifle) I think they need to bring down OM’s damage just a smidge, and raise WT by a decent amount.


As someone who loves Oscar Mike and has tried WF i do not think OM should be nerfed, not even a little. WF should be buffed, tweaked somehow. WF feels lackluster like a clone go wrong. I am not hating on him whatsoever, i do like his concept but it feels like something is truly missing to distinguish him. Everything he does feels less impactful than OM, i also believe since he uses a three round burst rifle it should be way more accurate with less recoil than what it has currently.

Sticky Bombs should explode instantly if you shoot them at someones feet. His ult i believe is ok DMGwise but he truly is in dire need of a skill to distinguish.

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Oscar Mike is TOO good at everything. Damage in teamfights, pushing a lane, surviving. I believe Oscar Mike just needs the first augmentation that causes his grenades to blow up on impact either be placed way further down in the tree or removed completely. Have the frag grenade be more of a skill shot and timing.

OM definitely needs to be tuned down a bit. He is really powerful

If only Whiskey Foxtrot’s DPS was a little higher, he, in my opinion, would be a little more viable. He also needs quicker skill change animations, as he feels clumsy right now. Compare Oscar Mike’s Assault Rifle DPS to Whiskey Foxtrot’s Burst Rifle, and he is completely underwhelming.


well, technically, he is…
An earlier version clone, but clone none the less.

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I do wonder, if Whiskey Foxtrott is the assassin, why doesn’t he have the cloaking device?

The designated soldier has the cloak and the designated assassin does not? Looks pretty odd! He also lacks the tactical ammunition, or (even better) poisoned ammunition. Assassins love poisons. Further his Scatter Gun should feature extra gimmicks, like a proper stun effect instead of a push. Or skip that scatter thingie completely and make him stealthy.


There’s a very strict rule about it, all the cool stuff has to go to OM, no exceptions


Default poisoned ammunition for his assault rifle and some better improvements for his Scatter Gun would do, although the 3-round magazine is already pretty neat. WF’s sticky bombs have at least better range than OM’s grenade launcher (unless the latter is being upgraded). Remote controlled detonation via clicking the button again would tremendously increase the sticky bombs’ usefulness. His animation before and after executing his ultimate are pretty annoying. They should be done faster.

It seems that WF has very nice mutations, though. For instance mutation helix 5 generating health after any kill sounds pretty good, and helix 4 and 6 might be pretty nasty when combined.

A 3-round magazine pushing and back-propelling Scrap Cannon seems to be a somewhat viable escaping tool.


I wish his rifle just felt like it had some more oomph to it

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Let me expand on what I wrote earlier. This is going to be a long post about my personal gripes right now with Whiskey Foxtrot vs. Oscar Mike. Sorry if this is long, but I’d like to share:

-OM Fully Automatic AR w/ high DPS and accuracy compared to a WF Semi-Automatic Burst Rifle w/ low DPS and accuracy (Somewhat subjective). If WF DPS and accuracy was increased, he’d have a chance. Hell, he’s an assassin, right?

-WF main evasive skill (Shotgun under-barrel) takes too long to shoot, meaning you can be out maneuvered. Sure you can augment it to shoot you and enemies backward, at the point that you have to raise your under-barrel. Oh, and low DPS. Compare to Oscar Mike: Invisibility allows him to super charge his shield and recover if he needs to get out. Easy to get away and reposition himself. Can call down airstrikes or shoot a frag, which is annoying.

-And the grenades. Where do I begin… Oscar Mike can augment his Frag to deal DOT, make it explode on impact (Really wish this was a later augment), Short startup frames, etc. which leads to it being very useful against groups of enemies or individuals. Whiskey Foxtrot has a…Sticky Grenade. That takes too long to explode, has low DPS, high startup frames, etc. Which leads it to be very hard to use. Oh, and guess what! You can’t detonate it on impact or do it remotely, making it so frustrating for people to get their shields up before it recharges. You can augment it to deal DOT and have AOE, I’ll give it that.

-Oh, and there’s ultimates! Oscar Mike: Airstrike, which deals DOT, has a huge AOE, can be done when cloaked(!!!), and very high DPS. Low risk, but it does have ‘some’ startup frames. While Whiskey Foxtrot…Has horrible startup frames to his overdrive, is a fully automatic (even though Oscar Mike already has a fully automatic AR) attack with 75 (-100) bullets which can penetrate shields, low DPS for an ultimate, and is really only good against one target. So…Yep.

-Passives are okay, Whiskey Foxtrot’s is balance and so is Oscar Mike’s. No really complaints.

That’s it. I’m done ranting. Maybe I’m just salty, but I like games in which characters are balanced and do what they are intended to do. Oscar Mike is the FPS staple, the all-around soldier who can help in any situation, no weakness but no real OP strengths (To a degree). Whiskey Foxtrot is supposed to be the Assault unit, the DPS guy. He’s supposed to be able to push lanes and take out specific targets. AOE and DOT vs. DPS and Accuracy. But it seems Oscar Mike does what he’s supposed to do and more.


You’ve got it right. I love him as a character but unless they buff his dps he’s just not a viable option.

Agreed, I just hope they buff him before the full release of the game.

Unless I see some changes to Whisky during this beta I won’t even be pre-ordering it’s that much of a pain :disappointed_relieved:

I do believe a lot of characters will get buffs (and nerfs) before the full game is released.

This is true and sad because he has one of the best taunts in the game, tea ceremony.

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WF accuracy on the rifle is awful, if you use wf and use om right after you will feel like you are using a laser beam with om

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Yeah, I rarely aim down the sites unless I use the scope Helix choice.

Accuracy between OM and WF’s rifles depends on the player skill, not the character design. I find OM’s rifle much harder to be accurate with due to the higher recoil and auto fire. The low recoil and burst fire is much more accurate for me.