I Seem to Be Under A Weird Curse

{Some info: I am a Linux guy an the PC, so when I bought my PS4 to play BL3, I also bought “The Handsome Collection”. Thus I play BL2 on my Linux box and my PS4, So I can understand the glory of the "Fight for Sanctuary DLC.}

Very recently, I restarted, yet another, Gunzerker, on my PS4.

Normal mode: got me a DPUH
TVHM: got me a DPUH
hit UVHM, and the first thing I got was a DPUH

Started getting a bit upset and farmed Savage Lee again

Yup, found me a DPUH… long story short I am a mere level 56 and have found me six, SIX!!!, DPUH, and my hoarder class mod cannot keep up with my ammunition usage!!!

The RNG really hates me…

{PS: I do not like the DPUH, it uses too much ammunition, and the only class mod that can keep up with the usage of the DPUH is the legendary hoarder class mod}

{{PPS: I know that for some legendary class mods, the magic level is 62. Does that 62 mean that AT 62 or AT 63 when the legendary hoarder mod will appear???}}


At 62. The easy way to remember is the level increase from 61 to 72 with the penultimate update which brought with it second gen pearls and legendary COMs. And from tubbies only.

And yes, most agree the DP is the lamest UH.

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Thank you, sir!
First for clearing it up for the level, and
Second for disliking the DPUH.

Double Penetrating really wants you, give it a chance.

Sounds like you’re not making use of Inconceivable then, because I’ve never had a problem with the DPUH on a L. Gunzerker build.

And the DP prefix is up for debate as to whether or not it’s good, but it’s definitely the best on Sal. Not only does he have the ammo management for it, but it has muuuch more synergy with Money Shot in comparison.


Yeah, I know about “Inconceivable” and “5 shots or 6”.

My general strategy for the gunzerker is to get to “keep firing” skill as quickly as possible, get to “down not out” then 5 points in “hard to kill”, and then and only then do I work on “Inconceivable” and “5 shots or 6”.

As I am only at level 55, I have only two points in “Inconceivable”, but I am working on it/them.

Hard to Kill isn’t really good, a Moxxi weapon should provide more than enough healing. And a normal Money Shot Sal doesn’t want 5So6 or Filled to the Brim. If you’re using the Harold you should be more-or-less set by level 47.

Skill Trees - Borderlands 2 - Borderlands | lowlidev

Yup… I dropped the “hard to kill” to 1, got me 5 points in “inconceiable” and then 5 in “5 or 6 shots” THEN I brought “hard to kill” up to 5.

Aaaannnnnddddd… I needed an {on-level-ish} “Unkempt Harold” and gained a half way to the next level before I finally found one from “Savage Lee”.

NOTE: Since my stroke in 2011, my “gaming mojo” is a bit limited, so I did NOT go to the Tourgue venders in The “bad{butt} crater of bad{butt}itude” and do numerous bar room brawls as I would get myself killed repeatedly, thus, I have NEVER gotten enough Tourgue tokens to buy a single legendary weapon EVER…

… Yeah… I am not really that good with gaming. The ONLY way I actually win is through PERSEVERANCE… I just play alot and I have learned what to do and what NOT to do to avoid getting killed too often.

Well… except for Krieg, he dies really well, and often…

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