I shot the sentry title

Anyone know how to get this new title that dropped in the update? Doesn’t have a description.

Assuming it’s some nod to the old marcheese or perhaps killing the sentry in the op without killing its children?

No idea tho.

EDIT: Looks like it’s just the level 20 Marquis. Thanks @lowlines

The flavour text does hint towards Marquis (“But I did not shoot ze debutante!”) but I have no idea who the debutante would be. Interesting.

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That’s why I assumed it was something to do with Marquis, and a lot of the new titles are nods to things the devs previously acknowledged as broken or silly (see Phoebe’s the original OP).

Maybe it’s cheese a sentry on overgrowth but don’t shoot a CR1 player???

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Possibly to damage or kill the sentry without damaging an enemy Battleborn; hard, but by no means impossible.

That would be far easier than the Exterminator title grind (25 sentry kills without taking damage), so certainly manageable.

Still think it’s likely Marquis specific, perhaps Phoebe is the debutante?

Is it possible to kill the back sentry without killing the front one? Cause that second one is DEFINITELY the sherrif, haha. Oh, Greninja… I wish you luck on your never-ending quest to obtain all the titles. All i can suggest at this point is to carefully listen to Eric Clapton’s “I Shot the Sherrif” for clues…

I used to love that song when I was a kid lol.

As for the title grind I think I’ve put it on ice with the intro of all the new 17-20 titles on characters I’d really prefer not to play and my general inactivity of late.

Also not willing to cheese bot matches for fours sensitive (even though I did get my pentastrike in there :frowning:)

However I am still very curious about this one for some reason…

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It’s not knowing what to do to get it, trust me. Kind of like reverse psychology in a way, because while people generally FEAR the unknown, they also can’t stand NOT knowing…

Pandora’s Box would have been a more apt name for a descriptionless challenge…

@lowlines game file cheat codes please?

Still working on Rewards page updates :stuck_out_tongue:

But but but but but… please?

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“Reach Character Rank 20 with Marquis.”

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Hm. Fair-o.

The other level 20 ones all seemed to say so in their description so I assumed this was separate. My B.

I guess the deep dive ones are just Kelvin 17 and 20 then?

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I currently don’t have a way to easily search them so I’d need more info to find them.

Haha the description for “I Shot The Sentry” is “But I did not shoot ze debutante!”

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Kelvin MR20 is “Stone Cold” or “Ice Cold” (something like that, anyways).

I think deep dive is Alani.

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You got some levelling to do!


Also Rank 17 title is always the internal “development” name for each character. Both Rank 17 and Rank 20 feature the chibi artwork done by Seung Kim (Songmasterk).

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(Kleese voice): YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!

That’s fine. But that title isn’t going to wait for you, plenty of other fish in the sea :sunglasses:

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So long as i have Toby’s MR20 “Flipped Off” title, i don’t care. There may be plenty of fish, but only ONE emotionally unstable, insecure talking penguin.

And he’s MINE.

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Well that just took an emotional Deep Dive. :sunglasses:

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