I signed up for the wrong platform is there anything I can do?

I got a code for steam and I could have sworn I signed up for the Xbox one beta. Is there anyway to get an Xbox code?

You can contact their support dept and see if they’ll kill the Steam code, and give you an XBOne code. Beyond that I’m not sure.

If you’ve been accepted and want to change platforms, you should be able to unregister your current rsvp, re-register and select a new platform, and receive a key then.


worked like a charm and got the new key right away thanks for the help!

How awesome of you guys.

I was recently given a key for the Doom Beta. I had purchased Wolfenstien for my Xbox One when it came out. My Xbox One was fried due to a storm not long ago. I sent them an email telling them of my issue and that if they would just take away my Xbox One code and green light me for the PC version.

I got a reply back that their support was unable to handle such things.

Not even a hey, we are sorry but that is not something we are equipped to do or we escalated this to someone whom might be able to look into it for you. Just a basic, this support email can not handle those kinds of things.

All that time I waited for it to be time to play the Doom Beta, something I bought another game to ensure that I would be able to and basically I am told “We don’t handle that here?”.

I am still miffed about it.

Kudos to you guys for doing this for people.

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